How to apply for the Absolutely Outdoorsy Scholarship


At Outdoorsy, we’re on a mission. We believe everyone should have the access, choice, and opportunity to get outdoors.

That’s why we’ve launched the Absolutely Outdoorsy Scholarship.

Outdoorsy is the largest and safest community-driven RV marketplace for renting RVs directly from local RV owners. We connect RV owners with people who want to experience RV-ing without having to own one themselves.We make it safe for RV owners to rent out their rigs and earn money, and we make it easy for travelers to rent great vehicles from dependable and knowledgeable owners.Our goal is to help people get rolling to the best locations in the country—and to have the time of their lives doing it.


Visit here to apply:

View terms and conditions here.



To apply, create an engaging essay answering:


Chosen essays will be featured on the Never Idle blog and showcased on our travel destination pages.


Personal introduction

Describe yourself, give some background about your interests and your personal travel experience. We encourage you to highlight any stories you remember from traveling, especially if you’ve ever traveled in an RV!

Don’t worry if you haven’t traveled in an RV though, we love a good imagination.

Questions you can answer

What destinations would you visit?

What type of recreational vehicle would you travel in?

Would it be the large “house-on-wheels” type like a Class A, or more like adventure-van-you-can-sleep-in with a tent?

What would you pack?

Who would you travel with?

Your BFF?

Parents, grandparents, a celebrity?

What destination(s) would you travel to and any?

What about these destinations stand out to you?

How many days would the roadtrip be?

When is the best time of year to visit each place?

Where are the best place(s) to stay?

What activities would you do? Describe them in detail!


Writing tips

Do research on You can find the perfect RV to travel in, and even great destinations to visit when you get there. Browse for RVs anywhere at out local pages, such as our San Francisco page, for good suggestions for your road trip. descriptive. Assume the reader doesn’t know about RVs and has not visited this place(s) before to help them plan a fun and successful trip.

Make your essay genuinely useful. Why do you recommend a specific type of RV or visiting a destination(s)? What are the best places for lunch and what’s best to order there?The more information you can share, the more your essay will come to life and the more traveler will be able to make use of it.

Upload your transcript

Please include your most recent transcript.Include your name and school in the document’s title itself.



Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM August 31st, 2018.




Essays will be judged on the following criteria: authentic content, unique insights, writing quality, style, creativity, accuracy and adherence to the written requirements.


Winner(s) will receive $1,000 prize money provided by Outdoorsy and paid via check to the winning applicant(s).

Submitting your essay

All entries must be entered through the official Outdoorsy submission form. No paper or hard copy submissions will be accepted. All essays must be written in English. Personal information submitted will be used solely for the use of awarding the scholarship and will not be used for any other function.All written submissions become the property of Outdoorsy and may be edited and published on our website, blog, social media accounts, and/or elsewhere.


Any legal U.S. resident at least 18 years new currently attending high school and will be attending an accredited university or college in the next academic year, or a student currently attending an accredited university or college (undergraduate and graduate students are both eligible).

To see if your school is eligible, please search the database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs.


Outdoorsy may modify the scholarship’s rules and regulations when necessary. Prize money must be spent on qualified tuition and related expenses.