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Bike Week 2017 is Nearly Here

Daytona Beach is home to the biggest, longest-running motorcycle festival in the world.

Each year, for ten days in mid-March, Daytona Beach is absolutely flooded with bike lovers from all over the country. The Daytona Beach Bike Week is the biggest biking event in the world and hosts around 500,000 people each and every year. To top it off, it is also one of the longest-running bike events, having held the first-ever Bike Week event in 1937.

Daytona Bike Week 2017

Clearly, if you are a motorcycle fan, this event is one you won’t want to miss. This becomes even truer when you learn that a huge number of the Bike Week participants are RVers. This means that by attending Bike Week, you can celebrate your love of both RV travel and motorcycles with like-minded individuals in a fun and festive environment.

Bike Week 2017
Where motorcycles and RVs live in harmony.

That said, some¬†owners are unsure about RVing during Bike Week due to the challenge of bringing both the bike and the RV. After all, a little motorcycle clearly can’t tow a huge fifth-wheel. A motorhome is sometimes an option, but the question of how to secure the bike and protect it from the elements does come up in that case. Fortunately, there is actually a very good option. Toy hauler RVs are made for just this purpose. They feature a small garage section for storing motorcycles and other smaller vehicles, plus a ramp for loading and unloading. This makes transporting a bike to Bike Week a whole lot easier, and makes RVing at the event an even more attractive option.

Bike Week 2017

With the question of how to transport both the RV anBike Week 2017d motorcycle out of the way, let’s discuss lodging. Daytona Beach has a huge number of RV parks to choose from. However, these book up quite quickly during such a huge event, which means you will want to reserve your site as soon as possible.

For this particular event, consider¬†staying at Fastlane Campground, which offers camping accommodations specifically for the event. This campground hosts a good number of the RVing Bike Week participants, so making new friends is a cinch. Additionally, the park has live entertainment and food vendors available for their guests’ enjoyment, giving the place a fun atmosphere similar to a festival.

Great toy hauler for rent in Bunnell, Florida, near Daytona!

As an added bonus, the campground is very near a great number of local attractions, meaning you can get away from the hustle-and-bustle and enjoy the sights for a bit while you’re in town. Some of the area’s best attractions include their gorgeous beaches, the old-fashioned boardwalk amusements, and a collection of interesting museums. Of course, none of these is quite the spectacle like you will see at the bike rally, but they all provide a more laid-back entertainment option for those times when you need a quiet minute.

Don’t have a toy hauler RV of your own? Not a problem! There are great toy haulers available for rent right here on Outdoorsy in the Daytona Beach area, making the pick-up process a breeze. Be sure to reserve your RV today so you can join in the motorcycle fun once March rolls around!


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