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Retro Campers, New Technology

The big names in recreational vehicles always make sure that their most popular and profitable designs stay on the market in some form. What about the daring, creative individuals who put together some of the first mobile homes using little more than their own materials and ingenuity? In Retro campers new technology, we look at…

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How to Download Offline Maps for Remote Travel

No breaking news on this front: We live in a hyper-connected age. We don’t often think of offline map needs because we don’t think of going offline. Road warriors are accustomed to having detailed maps and satellite photos available online at the swish of a finger or the click of a button to plan trips and…

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Off Road RVs and Overlanding

Those who favor the rough side of camping might be skeptical of anything labelled Off Road RV. Modern technology and innovative design, though, have made taking your RV off the grid possible. You can now drive to a place where only your canoe or hiking boots could go previously. Even some luxury RVs are now equipped to go…

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RV Adventure Cooking in the Pacific Northwest: Salmon

A big thrill of the nomadic lifestyle is experiencing local food. Every corner of the country has its own culinary masterpieces, whether tucked away in the wilderness or waiting in a bustling urban market. RV adventure cooking is particularly fun in the Pacific Northwest, with its easy access to incredible salmon and a comprehensive network of organic markets. Did you know that you’re even…

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Google’s New National Parks Tour App is Eye Candy

Google’s new National Parks Tour app lets you see the country’s most incredible national wonders in high definition video, 720 or 1080p. If you’re in the mood to see a glacier, a volcano, or a coral reef, download the iOS/Android app Google Arts & Culture, or visit the project in a desktop browser to take a breathtaking tour that spans five states….

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1970s Vintage RVs, Free and Funky

The 1970s were a pivotal time in the history of the American recreational vehicle. Terms like environmentalism, conservation, and “living off the grid” were becoming a part of the American lexicon. The gas crisis hit, forcing drivers and automobile makers to be more wary of fuel consumption. Recreational vehicles evolved along with these new lifestyle…

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A Must-Have Checklist for Your Next RV Trip

You’ve decided to make a detour through the exquisite Napa Valley and pick up a few bottles of the best the region has to offer. A campfire is roaring and dinner is just about ready. You prepare the glasses. It’s in that heartbreaking moment you realize that no one thought to bring a corkscrew. Thankfully, every adventurer…

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A Full Camping Breakfast, One Single Pan

We first heard about this ingenious pan when it popped up in our Facebook feed. Our friends at Camping Tricks shared a video of the multi-compartment camping breakfast pan in full action, and we were definitely intrigued.     We needed to know more, so we let our fingers do the walking…all the way to Google, where we discovered the…

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Before Pokémon Go, There Were Roadtrippers Geocaching

If you want to participate in the biggest in-person treasure hunt in the world, you’ve got to learn a little about geocaching. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about it, but don’t understand how to play the game. Don’t worry. The global sport of geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s quickly catching on, especially with…

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5 Hacks for Camping Coffee

The freedom and fun of RVing appeal to family and friends year-round, but especially during the warmer months… and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like hitting the highway for sites unseen or even those favorite hallowed camping grounds. But that excitement turns stale far too quickly if you have to start off each morning…

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