Outdoorsy Owner Stories

Owner Of The Week: Tammy Reese

If you ask Outdoorsy owner Tammy Reese what she does, she will tell you she’s a stay-at-home mom. This may be true to an extent. She does stay home with her kids. However, she’s even busier than the average stay-at-home mom. “I am currently a stay-at-home mom of three boys,” Tammy says. “I have a…

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Owner Of The Week: Camila Ramirez

“We hope to spark curiosity, spontaneity, and bring out the sense of adventure everyone has within. We live in a society where almost everything is planned, and we are farther removed from nature and the outdoors more and more. We hope our campers connect more people to the outdoors and to their adventurous spirit ……

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Owner Of The Week: Katie Larsen

Last February we spoke with Katie Larsen, the vanlifer behind So We Bought a Van. Fast forward to this year and you can now rent Katie’s converted Sprinter van on Outdoorsy. Katie is passionate about travel and the outdoors, and imagining her without her van is almost impossible. After all, they’ve been together for about three…

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Owner Of The Week: Nika Shneyder

Nika Shneyder is the very definition of girl power. This amazing, entrepreneurial woman is the owner of Los Angeles-based Chill RV, an RV rental business, and she is killing it. It’s been three and a half years since she started Chill RV and, in that time, her company has scaled from one to eight RVs…

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Owners Of The Week: Mason and Shanna Passey

An adorable couple with two cute and stylish campers, Mason and Shanna Passey are some seriously creative people. These Outdoorsy owners started their rental business by renovating a small pop-up camper for their own use, and they did such a good job that they decided to do it again.  “We got our first pop-up camper…

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Owners Of The Week: Patrick and Dawn Moore

As seasoned roadtrippers and lovers of nature, RVing makes sense for Dawn and Patrick Moore. The couple has plenty of stories about their adventures to share. “This year we began our journey in Joshua Tree National Park and were fortunate to experience the ‘super bloom’ of the desert following record rainfalls,” the couple shares. “The…

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Owner Of The Week: Dave Carvajal

Dave Carvajal is a family man through and through, and camping with his family is a favorite pastime of his. “My family and I enjoy camping or just taking long weekends to the beach or mountains,” he says. “We were RV renters once, and we enjoyed the experience so much we decided to purchase an…

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Owner Of The Week: Rob Ogden

As you probably already know, renting an RV or campervan on Outdoorsy is a wonderful way to make money. However, money is not the only great reward that comes from renting your RV. As our friend Rob Ogden learned, one of the bigger benefits is the ability to help people in need.  Rob first started…

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Owner Of The Week: Catherine Light

For Outdoorsy owner Catherine Light, life—and everything in it—is anything but dull. In fact, she has a magical way of taking everything in her world and making it beautiful and amazing. This includes her five vintage rental campers. “My first camper, which I began renting through Outdoorsy, is the 1981 Serro Scotty, called Beam Me…

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