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Electric Forest 2017: Michigan’s Destination Music Festival in June

A one-of-a-kind summer event.

There are hundreds of outdoors music festivals in America every year. All of them celebrate the beauty of the wilderness and the thrill of sleeping outside. What sets the Electric Forest 2017 apart from others is the unique environment.Electric Forest 2017 In the first two weekend of June, international influences and experiential designs of gathering spaces and living quarters are seamlessly integrated into the thick, deciduous forests of the Great Lakes region and the rocky shores of Michigan.

Midsummer in Rothbury

Electric Forest takes place in a small town close to the shores of Lake Michigan called Rothbury. This is well away from any major urban center, deep in the leafy, verdant woods of cottage country.

Electric Forest 2017
To get a great sense of what the environment is like, check out @electric_forest on Instagram.

Nearby cities have names like Muskegon and Pentwater, and the vast Manistee National Forest borders the small city to the west. The festival grounds are designed to be friendly, intimate, and welcoming, and campers have the option of joining a group of tents or camping independently. Aside from the fun and entertainment on the fairgrounds, which includes dancing, food, and yoga classes, the venue is also convenient to the Double JJ Resort and its Gold Rush Water Park.

The Forest Glamp

Electric Forest 2017

Rent an RV on Outdoorsy, then check out your options for RVs. The festival has a variety of plans at different price points, featuring more comfortable and even luxury options for people looking to put the glamor in glamping. There are three different spaces available to park, ranging from rustic to luxing it, depending on where you want to be and how much money you have to spend. The more upscale options give you access to the pool and dining amenities at the nearby resort, along with a full breakfast and brunch every day.

Electric Forest 2017

The cliffs and forests of the northern lake country are the ideal settings for a music festival that brings people together (If you go to the event, you’re part of the “Forest Family.”). Electric Forest utilizes the often overlooked beauty of rural Michigan and brings the neon light of live music to the shady forest groves. Check out the Electric Forest 2017 lineup and make your plans for a Midwestern road trip in June now. This is the best of #RVlife combined with an escapist example of a wild and fun modern music festival.

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