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RV living | getting your mail while RVing

When getting ready to hit the road for some RV living, there are some items to tend to that are straightforward and others that seem to be always a little tricky to handle. One of the things that always comes up when folks start talking about traveling has to do with mail.

What do I do with my mail? 

Thankfully, you have options. While there may be more, these four seem to be the route that most RVers take:

Mail forwarding services – If you are planning to travel and be in a particular place long enough to get mail, you can always forward it there if the destination allows. RV clubs like the Family Motor Coach Association and Good Sam offer a mail-forwarding service to their members. You’ll need to change your address on the mail you want forwarded to the service, and from there you can tell the service where to send it you. On the Good Sam website, you can see what mail you’ve received (love this feature) and you even have the ability to have them trash the junk mail. There’s even the option to use FedEx to receive your mail quickly.

Let it pile up at the Post Office – Going away for less than a month? You can tell the postal service to hold it until you get back. There’s a handy form online that you can fill out and get things set up. Go here: https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/

Have a friend or family member pick it up – Many travelers use this option. If you are staying in touch with someone and they don’t mind picking up your mail, this is a pretty good way to go. Still receive paper checks? You can even have that friend or family member deposit it into your bank account. Just remember to send them a souvenir from time to time.

Go digital as much as possible – For many, this is the best option. Get those bills set up online so you can pay them from anywhere, anytime. This won’t stop the junk mail and any other subscriptions from piling up, so if you get a lot of those you can combine your digital efforts with a postal hold.

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