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Outdoorsy Announces Vehicle Purchase Program With New Online Distribution Model

First-of-its-kind vehicle purchasing, financing, and distribution program is designed to fulfill skyrocketing demand in the recreational vehicle market.

Outdoorsy announced today the launch of its Vehicle Purchase Program, an internet sales and distribution model for campervans and RVs. This new, one-stop purchasing platform — a first in the recreational vehicle space — harnesses the power of the internet to give consumers factory-direct access for purchasing recreational vehicles that have historically been unavailable to the average consumer.

Outdoorsy’s new platform streamlines the online purchasing process for campervans and RVs, with the initial models to be provided by Mercedes-Benz with financing provided by Daimler Financial Services. The new platform works in tandem with dealers and upfitters.

Introduced as the Outdoorsy Vehicle Purchase Program, individual owners as well as rental fleet managers now have factory-direct access — from purchase and financing to insurance, listing, and renting — all within the Outdoorsy marketplace to fulfill growing demand.

“We are geared toward consumers and small- to mid-sized businesses who don’t have the purchasing power bigger rental companies do. The Vehicle Purchase Program gives users a simple, hassle- and headache-free way to grow their business,” says Outdoorsy CEO Jeff Cavins. “Whether you’re adding a campervan for personal use, just getting started as a lister on Outdoorsy, or are a Pro dealer wanting to expand your fleet, we’ve designed this program to enhance transparency while eliminating the friction and high costs associated with traditional purchasing and financing methods.”

For Outdoorsy RV owners, this announcement means they’ll be able to solve their most difficult operational needs and focus on the core of their business: providing their customers with the best rental experience possible. For Outdoorsy RV renters, this means more searchable, high-quality vehicle options directly at their fingertips.

Outdoorsy’s new program launches first with Mercedes-Benz and Sportsmobile, and Outdoorsy is currently in conversations with additional manufacturers to further expand product selection in the marketplace. Mercedes-Benz was selected for their world-renowned Sprinter and Metris vans. Sportsmobile is the most recognized and respected Campervan upfitter in the world.  

Kyle Columbus, Outdoorsy’s director of business development for OEM relationships, joins Outdoorsy from Mercedes-Benz, where he spent almost a decade developing digital delivery programs and products. Columbus is responsible for spearheading the buildout of Outdoorsy’s Vehicle Purchase Program.  

“Outdoorsy’s Vehicle Purchase Program is in strategic alignment with manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz who are seeing explosive global demand for campervans, which are especially popular among millennials. In fact, millennials and Gen Xers represent more than 70 percent of all campervan and RV rentals on Outdoorsy,” Columbus says. “This new program will unlock much-needed supply for this fast-growing audience.”

Program benefits include:

  • Discounted pricing. Outdoorsy’s 2020 pricing for all Sprinter vans are set at discounted, industry-leading rates unavailable through dealers.
  • Preferred upfitter. Sportsmobile, the largest Class B upfitter in the nation, will prioritize Outdoorsy vehicle purchasers — a significant advantage as the average wait time for a custom-built Sprinter van ranges anywhere from six months to a year and a half.
  • Innovative financing. Through Daimler Financial Services, Outdoorsy offers industry-first commercial financing for aspiring small businesses, Pro owners, and dealers purchasing from one to multiple vehicles at a time.

“By making the most popular units more accessible to consumers wanting to experience RV travel and ownership, Outdoorsy is solving a huge problem in the supply-constrained RV and campervan marketplace with their new one-stop shop model,” says Paul Meyer, President of Sportsmobile.

Outdoorsy’s new program will complement existing businesses, such as dealers and upfitters, by bringing the traditional offline experience into the digital age — providing expanded reach to younger audiences. Through the one-stop shopping experience, preferred dealers will receive credit for Outdoorsy sales and serve as a pickup destination for completed and upfitted vans, allowing them to offer valuable service agreements and warranties to the purchaser.

“We are excited to be partnered with Outdoorsy on the Vehicle Purchase Program,” says James Godkin, general sales manager at Mercedes-Benz of Boerne. “As one of Mercedes-Benz’s largest and most experienced van dealerships in the nation, we also see the enormous demand for supply from consumers. Now with Outdoorsy, we have an online-enabled platform that will offer greater appeal to today’s new buyer.”

For more information on Outdoorsy’s Vehicle Purchase Program, visit outdoorsypurchaseprogram.com.

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