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The Perfect Place to Stay in Coachella

No better way to do Coachella than a campervan.

Coachella is coming up soon, and people from all over the country are making preparations to go. If you’re one of the lucky ticket holders (it’s now sold out), you’re probably in some stage of figuring out where to stay. If you clicked on this post, then the idea of taking a campervan to Coachella intrigues you. Follow that feeling.

 campervan to Coachella
Rent Roamin’ Rosie from Ryan Lum in Moraga, CA.

These tips will ensure your first trip in a campervan to Coachella is a great one.

No RVs Onsite

You read that right. While tent and car campers are allowed to stay on festival grounds, RV dwellers must stay off-site. However, there are plenty of off-site options that are only a short drive or shuttle ride away, and that short ride is well worth it when you consider the level of comfort offered by an RV.

 campervan to Coachella
The Coachella team has created a great guide to help RVers find their way at a festival that doesn’t allow RVs.

We highly recommend checking out Indian Waters RV Resort. This resort offers some pretty great amenities, and best of all, a shuttle that runs directly to the festival with no other drop-off or pick-up points. This is amazing because it means you will get to your destination quickly and without needing a designated driver for your group.

 campervan to Coachella
Indian Waters RV Resort has shuttles that run to Coachella.

Bring More Water Than You Think You Need

The dry heat of the desert can really get to you, especially when you will be spending a lot of time outside. For this reason, it is crucial that you bring plenty of water along for the ride. If you would like your water cold, consider freezing a few jugs or several bottles before you head to your campsite.

 campervan to Coachella

As an added precaution, consider bringing Gatorade packets. Add these to your water in order to help restore electrolytes. Becoming dehydrated is the last thing you want to do.

Dress Comfortably

Even though we say to be sensible, you should know that this is what most people look like.

Coachella is one event that will definitely have you sweating even early in the day. Be sure to wear comfortable, breathable clothes. Supportive shoes are a must-have, and sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat will all be invaluable items.

Remember to Eat

With all the amazing musicians to distract you and the heat suppressing your appetite, it is easy to forget to eat something. However, we all know that eating is important. Therefore, you are going to need to remember to eat even though you may not feel hungry.

For a meal that will stick with you for a while, consider purchasing something with plenty of protein and skipping the carb-heavy items such as churros. The one exception to this rule is Spicy Pie Pizza, which you absolutely must try.

 campervan to Coachella
Rent this campervan and get great rest, whatever the time.

Of course, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Make some new friends as well as some new memories, and return home tired, happy, and inspired.

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