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The Top 5 Ultimate RV Boondocking Bucket List on the West Coast

5 Perfect Pacific Coast Stops

RV Boondocking is an incredible experience, one that every RVer should experience. There are a great many wonderful places to try your hand at wild camping in the country, and some of the very best places can be found along the west coast.

Below we have compiled a list of the best Pacific coast RV boondocking locations. Pick one or two and try your hand at dry camping. You might be by surprised how much fun you end up having!

Best Oceanside Spot

Cook’s Chasm in Yachats, Oregon

44.2789° N, 124.1171° W

Ocean RV Boondocking
Ocean RV Boondocking

Although it is just a simple pull-out on the side of the road, the scenery and ocean sounds available at this gorgeous RV boondocking location are absolutely incredible. In particular, seek out Thor’s Well, the unusual, spectacular sinkhole. Additionally, the summertime temperatures are very nice, ranging between 50°F and 75°F. The small town of Yachats has a tiny store available for essentials, and both a dump station and fresh water fill-up are available ten miles south at Washburne State Park.

Best Forested Spot

Campbell Tree Grove Campground, Olympic National Forest, Washington

47.4812° N, 123.6866° W

Forest RV Bookdocking
Forest RV Bookdocking

An absolutely gorgeous campground run by the National Forest Service, Campbell Tree Grove Campground is truly a gem. The park is filled with enormous, 300-foot-tall trees that are about 500 years old. The pretty river running through the campground is the perfect touch, making the entire place feel like something out of a fairytale. This campground does have vault toilets (i.e. outhouses) available, but no running water or dump station, so be sure to come prepared.

Best Desert Spot

BLM Land South of Joshua Tree National Park, California

33.6701° N, 115.806° W

Desert RV Boondocking
Desert RV Boondocking

If warm, sunny days and beautiful, sprawling desert scenery are what you are looking for, we have found your place. Just a bit south of Joshua Tree State Park there is a parcel of land owned and maintained by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Because all BLM land is open to RV boondockers, this means you get to enjoy free camping with lovely scenery. This location is about 15 miles from the nearest grocery store, so make sure to stock up before you head out. That said, the relatively close national park does offer fresh water and a sanitary station should you need either.

Best City-View Spot

Vista Point at Golden Gate Bridge, California

37.8324° N, 122.4795° W

San Francisco Golden Gate RV Boondocking
San Francisco Golden Gate RV Boondocking

It is important to note here that California rest stops and pullouts limit vehicles to 8 hours parked in one locations. This means, this particular location can only be used for a quick night of sleep. However, it is still well worth a stop. The Golden Gate Bridge is stunning from this particular angle, and the foghorns are positively haunting. Be sure to get some pictures before you hurry out in the morning! Obviously, this rest area does not offer any sort of amenities, but the location is close to the big city so finding some food and water shouldn’t be an issue.

Best Meadow Spot

Pretty Flowering Meadow in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

45.3221° N, 121.6356° W

Best Meadow RV Boondocking
Best Meadow RV Boondocking

Amazing camping in the middle of a field of lupines, this secret spot is the perfect place to spend a week or two. The view of Mount Hood is stunning, and the local wildlife is interesting a lovely to watch. This is dispersed camping which means you won’t have any neighbors when staying here. It also means no amenities, so fill your tanks and your fridge before you hit the road. These are just a few of the hundreds of beautiful and free wild RV boondocking spots on the west coast. For more awesome ideas, visit the Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Websites.

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