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RV’ing to America’s Top Swimming Holes

We want to go to every single one of these.

Cross-country RV’ing is even more special when you have your sights on a special location. With summer here, there’s nothing like jumping into the fun and sensory overload of one – or several – of America’s top swimming holes. Of course, planning is essential as many of these locations are set in pristine state parks that are environmentally protected against heavy equipment and modern campers. Fortunately, there’s often an RV-friendly haven nearby where you can drop off the gear and set up camp before trekking to the hot spot.

1. Havasu Falls

havasu fall swimming holes

Few visitors to the Grand Canyon realize the true wonders hidden by the rocks and caves within. Havasu Falls is one of those wonders. Nestled within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, the falls can only be accessed by foot or horseback – and it is costly. But it’s worth it. Seventy-degree, azure blue waters beckon visitors to experience the hidden gem. And local campsites make it a no-brainer for an unforgettable adventure.

2. The Homestead Caldera

homestead caldera swimming holes

Homestead Caldera, Utah, welcomes visitors and locals alike with an experience like no other. Nestled within a limestone dome over 10,000 years old, crystal blue waters reach 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Homestead Resort welcomes visitors to stay and provides plenty of room for RVs. Multiple campsites within the Wasatch Mountain range are also readily available.

3. Barton Springs

Barton Springs Swimming Hole

Located right in Zilker Park in Austin, TX, Barton Springs is one of the state’s most beloved swimming holes. Considered an outdoor pool as opposed to a manmade lake, the swimmer’s paradise is completely fed with clear water from a natural spring. The steady and stable 68-degree temperature makes Barton Springs a popular year-round attraction. Local resorts and campgrounds, including Pecan Grove, ensure RV travelers are always welcome.

4. Diana’s Baths

Diana's Baths Swimming Hole

Experience nature at its finest, tucked away in Bartlett, NH. Just an easy half-mile walk from Cathedral Ledge lets adults and kids alike experience the stunning beauty of Diana’s Baths. Cascading falls 75-feet high, rocks and ledges provide picturesque backdrops. But the crème de la crème is the basin itself. Feel free to jump in, splash around, and even let the pooch cool off. Multiple camping sites, including those at Echo Lake State Park, are just miles away.

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