6 Tips for Simple, Healthy Cooking in Your RV

Like many of you, I began a new diet as a part of my journey to better health last year. Unlike many of you, I began this diet while living in a 25′ RV. Since then, I’ve lost more than twenty pounds and established some great healthy habits that I rely on as I live and travel in an RV. Here are some of my tips for simple, healthy cooking on the road. 

How to Plan an RV Trip to Disney World

So, you’ve got the time off accumulated and got your family on board with your next vacation idea – you’re going to Disney World! It doesn’t take much research, though, to realize you’ve got a TON of options for your trip. The purpose of this guide is to give you a reference to use as you plan your trip. Work through budget, housing, transportation and all of the factors you’ll need to consider in your planning.

Storm Preparation for RVers and Campers

In this post I talk about how to handle storm preparation for RVers. Traveling in an RV or camping can pose anxious moments in the event of a storm or inclement weather.  I’d be lying if I told you that in our three and a half years of full-timing, it has been all sunshine and…

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Cool campers for roadtripping from expert van dudes

Photo Credit: James and Rachel Julien left everything to pursue this dream: offer camper van dwellers the right tools to live more. So he started, Go-Van, an online magazine and a cool way to tell inspiring stories about people passionate about campers, living the vanlife and how they connect nomads together through their adventures. And then…

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