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Top 3 Quirky, Awesome Attractions Around Los Angeles

Make your next trip to LA memorable

As a camper and RV lover, you’re already an experience seeker. Here are three places to hang out to turn your next trip to Los Angeles into an experience to remember.


Time Travel Mart

A store that specializes in time-travel merchandise might seem a little quirky, and that’s because it is! Located downtown near the center of Echo Park, Time Travel Mart is a must-see simply for its unique nature. The store is part of 826LA, a non-profit organization that helps kids with reading and writing. Inside you’ll find something interesting from every time period you can imagine, including the future.


Watts Towers

Chance are you will never forget seeing the Watts Towers, which are seventeen structures of concrete and steel constructed by one man, Simon Rodia, in the 1920s-30s. The towers, decorated with Rodia’s own mosaic of glass fragments, seashells, and tile, are now considered a National Historic Landmark. Every detail represents a part of Rodia’s life and collections. There’s no other work of art in the world quite like these towers, which are an inspiring representation of what can be accomplished with perseverance and some artistic vision.

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Griffith Park Zoo

Since when is a zoo off the beaten path? Since a few decades ago, when Los Angeles closed the Griffith Park Zoo for animals but left it open for the public to explore. Now beautified with overgrowth and graffiti, the old structures of the zoo are a great place for an urban adventure. Experience firsthand what it’s like to occupy the enclosures that used to house exotic species and take photos of the abandoned structures and crazy setting. There’s nothing quite like this old empty zoo-park, right in the middle of L.A.


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