Horseback Riding Near Yosemite National Park


The mountains near Bass Lake and Yosemite National Park in California are jam-packed with breathtaking views, giant sequoia trees, and scenic trails. Tourists and locals alike flock to the area to partake in camping, hiking, biking, and even skiing. However, those looking for a truly unique experience should consider exploring the Sierra National Forest via horseback. Keep reading for tips and tricks for an unforgettable horse-riding experience during your next camping trip near Yosemite National Park.

Horseback Riding Tours Near Yosemite

Where to book a tour: Bass Lake is home to many different amazing horseback adventure companies. You will want an instructor/tour guide with lots of experience. Here are a couple businesses that ensure a safe and exhilarating ride:

What to wear: When riding a horse, it is imperative to wear long pants to protect your legs from rashes caused by friction against the horse’s saddle. Long pants will also protect your skin from getting scraped as your horse rides through tight trails with wayward branches. Close-toed shoes are necessary for fitting in the horse’s stirrups and staying safe in varying nature conditions. If possible, shoes with a small heel are ideal to keep from slipping out of the stirrups. Yosemite National Park trails can often be dusty, so a bandana or mask may be helpful. Lastly, winter is coming so don’t forget a jacket and gloves! 

First time riding? Don’t worry! Yosemite Trails Horseback Adventures (and most other companies) will teach the basics in an arena before departure. However, here are a few pointers to help you prepare in advance: 

Horseback riding near Yosemite National Park promises to be a memory you’ll cherish for years to come! Don’t forget to have fun and snap a few photos for the gram – you’ll be the envy of all your friends! 

Bass Lake Cabin Rentals

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