The Benefits of Being in Nature—Bringing the Outdoors IN to Your Wellness

Nature’s bounty beckons, and the moment is ripe to indulge in its wonders. Old Man Winter may have tested us yet fear not, for sunlit days and cerulean skies are poised to grace us very soon.

Whether your heart yearns for the thrill of RV escapades, the simplicity of tent camping, the opulence of glamping, or any other avenue that allows you to plug into the great outdoors, we stand ready to be your guides. Let’s reforge that vital connection with dear Mother Nature.

Here, we unveil a treasure trove of insights, enabling you to infuse your spirit with the essence of the wild before the season’s fervor takes hold. Thus, you shall be fully primed to seize the golden, elongated days that lie ahead, savoring each moment of sunshine.


How is your outdoor wellness?

We’re gonna be your nature doctor here for a sec and ask you to ask yourself how much outdoor medicine you’ve been getting. The answer for far too many is not enough. 

We’d wager that the winter has probably taken its toll on you. From shorter days to long, dark nights to cold weather patterns — you’ve probably had enough of it. 

That’s all the more reason to take an inventory of your outdoor wellness and figure out ways to get the benefits of being in nature.

Benefits of being in nature: Add the outdoors to your wellness routine

We exist at Outdoorsy to restore people’s relationship with the outdoors and each other by helping folks like you bring the outdoors in.

We do that because we’ve personally experienced the restorative and healing powers of nature. But don’t just take our word for it — here are a few of the benefits of nature that scientists have proven…

An outdoor wellness routine is known to:

That’s why we make it easy for you to get these benefits of nature by offering all kinds of ways to do it — from RV rentals to campgrounds to glamping opportunities.  

Benefits of being in nature: Ways to bring the outdoors into your wellness routine

Okay, so you get the importance of outdoor wellness. You also did your own outdoor wellness assessment and figured out that yours ain’t so good right now. How do you fix this?

Glamping tent

Here are some of the best ways we know of:

  1. RVing — Whether you rent an RV or roll in one of your own, camper caravaning opens the door to road trips that are filled with fresh air and plenty of opportunities to connect with Pachamama.

    Even a recipe as simple as a remote campsite in a national forest, with loved ones around you, and a good campfire in between is all you need to breathe in natural healing. 
  2. Glamping — Love nature and amenities? Glamping — aka luxury camping — happens when you soak in nature and come home to all the things. Things like a comfy bed, air-conditioning, and a private bathroom. We’re talking ‘camping’ in yurts, tiny homes, geodesic domes, and more for some ultra-lux outdoor wellness.

    You can even try glamping in the Outdoorsy network. Outdoorsy-owned campgrounds like Outdoorsy Yosemite and Outdoorsy Bayfield in southwestern Colorado both feature glamping-style stays for you to check out.   
  1. Bike adventuring — When you rent an RV with us, you rent from an individual owner who wants to share their love of the outdoors with you. Many of these owners also offer add-ons to their rentals, like bikes and bike racks so you can bring them on your camp-venture with you.

    And RVing meccas like these are spots where you can ride out straight from camp.
  2. Hiking — Hiking can be a family affair where you can improve your emotional wellness through togetherness. Hiking is also a splendid way to fly solo and connect with your inner-self.

    Hikes can happen right out your front door or at places like these hiking trails that start right from the campground.
  3. Nature walking — The benefits of nature walks are manyfold. First, you can enjoy a quiet stillness that isn’t usually found in our day-to-day. Second, you can embark on the practice of forest bathing to soak in the healing power of trees. And finally, the benefit of nature walking is that you’ll likely get closer to the wildlife that’ll talk to you as you walk. 
  1. Water healing — Being on or near water should be a regular part of any wellness routine. There’s something restorative about the quiet stillness of a lake, the gentle humming of a babbling brook, and the raging whisper of a river.

    Our owners offer add-ons to many RV rentals so you can order up paddlebound watercraft for your trip. We’re talking things like kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and even inflatable canoes that you can have ready for you when you pick up your rented rig
  2. Fire bonding — Fires connect us to something primal in our nature. Gathering around a fire as a family, especially with s’more fixins, is one of the best ways we know of to experience the benefits of nature as a family.

    Whether you camp, glamp, or take a nature walk, you’ll almost always be able to find a spot to throw a spark. Be sure to take the chance whenever you have it — your mental wellness will thank you for it.
  3. Stargazing — The cosmos reminds us of the vastness of our natural world. Camp in places like these dark sky spots to soak it in the stars to the max.  

Yosemite National Park

The benefits of being in nature: Sample itineraries that’ll get you out there 

There are so many ways to feel the benefits of being in nature that it’d be impossible to list them all here. So, here are just a few of our favorite itinerary types to restore your connection with the outdoors. 

Hot Spring

  1. Hot springs — Who doesn’t love a life-giving soak in a natural hot spring? The minerals in the water and heat of the pools have a healing quality that’s been known to humans for millennia.

    Check out our list of the 10 best hot springs in the U.S. 
  1. National forestsWe have gobs of these scattered around the U.S. and they are perfect places to receive the benefits of nature. They’re generally less crowded than national parks and often provide the same sort of nature wellness activities.
  2. Wildlife viewing — One of the best benefits of being in nature is becoming one with nature. And one of the best ways to do that is by getting close to wildlife at spots like these.
  3. Water living — Being on or near water when you camp makes outdoor wellness easy. RV resorts like Outdoorsy Yosemite feature lake access right on property so you can paddle virtually from your front door. 

Oh, the joys of nature. As the clutches of winter begin to ease, let your thoughts meander towards reintroducing the great outdoors into your path to well-being. As staunch proponents of revitalizing your link with the natural world, we’re brimming with a plethora of choices, awaiting your selection as you chart your course towards a harmonious union with the wilderness.