Moonshine Lake Provincial Park

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Located in northern Alberta, Moonshine Lake Provincial Park is about 116 km (72 miles) northwest of Grand Prairie. Established in 1979, the park includes an area of 847 hectares (3.27 square miles). The park’s variety of recreation opportunities ensure that the park will have plenty to keep you occupied, regardless of the season that you visit.

Moonshine Lake Provincial Park is a great place for birds and wildlife. Recently, Jack Bird Pond was included in the park, incorporating a wildlife movement corridor. The Pond is an excellent place to watch birds and waterfowl. Moonshine Lake is surrounded by boreal mixed wood forests, offering a relaxing wilderness experience.

Just what types of things can you do at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park? During the warmer months, enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, swimming in a freshwater lake, sailing, windsurfing and fishing. There is even a baseball diamond for an impromptu game of the national pastime. When the weather cools off, the park is a great place to engage in cross country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing and ice fishing.

Expect to relax as well as have an experience, no matter what time of year that you visit Moonshine Lake Provincial Park.

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Transportation in Moonshine Lake Provincial Park


To get to Moonshine Lake Provincial Park from the town of Spirit River, take AB-49 W for 26.5 km (16.46 miles). You can then turn right onto AB-725 N and travel for 9.7 km (6.02 miles).Upon reaching Township Rd 802, you will turn left. After driving 1.6 km (1 mile), you will arrive at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park.


Parking is available throughout the park.

Public Transport

Public transportation is not available to Moonshine Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Moonshine Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Moonshine Lake Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Group Campgrounds

A group campground is available at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park that has space for a number of units (exact number depends on unit size). Located south of the lake, the group campground is near the main campground in the park and offers a myriad of amenities. These include: electrical hookups, a picnic table and shelter, fire pits and toilets. For large get-togethers, including family reunions, the group campground is the perfect place to spend time with one another during breaks from the park’s many activities.

Moonshine Lake Campground

Moonshine Lake Provincial Park is home to Moonshine Lake Campground, which offers 110 sites from May 15 through September 2. The campground has much to offer; sites with electrical hook-ups are available, along with sewage disposal. There is also a playground and easy access to the beach, pier and boat launch. Showers are available at the campground so that you may clean up after a busy day of play. The campground can accommodate RV’s and trailers of all sizes and some sites are available for reservation while others are first come-first serve. Accessible campsites are available and there are even double campsites should you be seeking additional space. Moonshine Lake Campground makes a great home base from which you can explore the park.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Moonshine Lake Provincial Park


Boating and Fishing

Boating and fishing are great ways to spend some time while visiting Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, so make sure to bring your fishing pole! Moonshine Lake is shallow, with a maximum depth of 4.3 meters (14.10 feet), however that does not mean that you can’t go for a boat ride. While gas-powered motors are not allowed on the lake, you will observe boats with electric motors, canoes, kayaks, sailboats and inflatable boats during your visit. There is a boat launch on the southeast part of the lake as well as on the north side of the lake. Fishing is mostly for Rainbow Trout; the lake is stocked annually with them. Choose to fish from a boat or from shore.

Go for a Swim

Moonshine Lake Provincial Park includes a day use area that offers a sandy beach, playground, picnic tables and gazebos. From the parking lot, it is a quick walk to get to the beach and take a dip into the cool water of Moonshine Lake. The beach is unsupervised and swimming is at your own risk. The day use area also has washrooms, making it easy to spend an entire day relaxing, swimming and playing in the sand. A swim in the lake is a great way to cool off after a hike or a bike ride!

Hiking and Biking

A popular activity at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park is hiking. You can find a trail that meets your ability level and get started! For example, the park offers the Lakeview Loop, which is a beginner level trail that will take you around the lake. About 2.65 km (1.64 miles) in length, this trail will offer you the opportunity to take in lake and forest views while moving at your chosen pace. You can also choose to explore this trail on your bike! Try out other trails in the park; the trail system offers connections from one trail to another, providing the chance to explore much of the park on foot at your leisure.


Go Ice Skating

When visiting Moonshine Lake Provincial Park in the winter make sure to bring your ice skates! That’s right; during the colder months of the year the park offers skating on a regulation size skating rink in the day use area. The rink is lighted and its location next to a shelter and a fire pit offer the chance to get warm and cozy during breaks from skating and when you finish for the day. Enjoy the beautiful, snow-covered surrounding while you glide along the ice.

Ice Fishing

During the cooler weather, a great activity to engage in at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park is ice fishing. Bring along your fishing pole and try your hand at fishing for the rainbow trout that the lake is stocked with. Keep in mind that the lake is aerated and so it is important to stay back from open water. Alberta fishing regulations apply when ice fishing and Moonshine Lake Provincial Park requires that there are no open fires or vehicles on the ice. Whether you are a seasoned ice fisherman or just looking to experience fishing on ice, Moonshine Lake is a perfect place to cast a line.

Cross Country Skiing

Fans of cross country skiing will find plenty of opportunity to explore Moonshine Lake Provincial Park on skis. Trails are available within the park specifically for this activity. For example, choose to ski the Moose Meadows Trail, which is a 5 km (3.10 miles) loop that will take you through aspen stands, meadows and mature spruce. A small hill on the trail will add to the challenge for those who choose to ski. Another option is White Spruce Lane; like Moose Meadows Trail, you will encounter aspen stands and mature spruce. The 3.2 km (1.98 miles) trail is also a great place to sign squirrels and small mammals as you ski.

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