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Morice Lake Provincial Park


Encompassing the entirety of Morice Lake and most of the surrounding land, Morice Lake Provincial Park is a wilderness park suitable for lovely RV getaways. Located about 84 km (53 miles) southwest of Houston and accessible via logging roads, this 524 sq. km. (202 sq. mile) provincial park features steep and rugged mountains, with views of glaciers and waterfalls that crash into the lake.

Opportunities for recreation abound at Morice Lake Provincial Park, including angling for trout, kokanee and other fish species. Wildlife viewing and bird watching are popular, along with water-based activities such as canoeing and swimming. Add hiking, hunting, pet walking, mountaineering, and photography, and you can see how many ways there are to stay active in this park.

A popular attraction in the park is the Atna Bay which has a waterfall on the Atna River that connects Atna Lake to Morice Lake.

There are 18 campsites available for RVs and tents at the park, all of which are available on first-come first-served basis only. Pit toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, a parking lot, and Sanctuary Cabin are available in the park.

Established in 2008, Morice Lake Provincial Park sits within the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.

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Morice Lake Provincial Park is located about 84 km (53 miles) southwest of Houston town and you can drive to the park in your RV and trailer. To access the park from Houston, you’ll need to drive along Morice River Forest Service Road, a radio-controlled logging road which is used regularly by logging trucks that have the right-of-way, to Morice Lake Road. Within the northwestern part of the park, there are motorized restrictions as the mountains are designated nonmotorized in the summer.


There is only one parking area for RVs, trailers, and cars in Morice Lake Provincial Park. Should you wish to, however, you can park you rig at your campsite in the campground. Overnight parking is available.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Morice Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Morice Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Morice Lake Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Morice Lake Campground

Morice Lake Campground features 18 campsites that are available for RVs and tents, and are available only on first-come first-served basis. There are no RV hookup options at the park and picnic tables, fire rings, and pit toilets are the only amenities at the campground.

The campsites are suitable for pickup trucks with campers and small trailers up to 25 ft (8 m) and can be accessed during snow free months. All the campsites are user-maintained; hence you’ll be required to pack out what you pack in.

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Morice Lake is home to the Nanika River sockeye stock, rainbow trout, dolly varden, lake trout, kokanee and burbot. As a result, fishing is a very popular activity on the lake. Within the upper reaches of the lake, there is an important spawning habitat for Chinook salmon. Note that there are angling restrictions in this area to protect the spawning salmon.

Morice Lake Provincial Park has a high fisheries value which is related to the Wet’suwet’en people and the abundant archaeological sites that occur along the lake.

Wildlife and Bird Viewing

As Morice Lake Provincial Park is a wilderness park, many wildlife species are widespread and prevalent in the park. You’ll find large wildlife such as black bears, grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, caribou, and deer, as well as smaller species such as wolverines, hoary marmots, and Siberian lemmings.

Bird species such as golden-crowned sparrows, gray-crowned rosy finches, and willow ptarmigans are also present in the park. Waterfowls are abundant in the lakes too.


Hiking opportunities are available along three short portage trails that link Atna Bay in Morice Lake Provincial Park to Atna Lake in Atna River Provincial Park. These trails are the only available developed trails in the park for RV campers to hike on while on vacation at Morice Lake Provincial Park. As you enjoy your stroll along the trails, you will be greeted by birds and beautiful wildlife, as well as resplendent vegetation.



It’s absolutely lovely to take a canoe trip on Morice Lake in Morice Lake Provincial Park. Nothing beats the feeling of solitude you get when out on the water in a boat. Note that the winds and the waves on the lake often come up quickly and it is safe to be close to shore when the winds start to blow and the waves begin to rise.


Should you decide to take a swim in Morice Lake, then be prepared to enjoy the coldness of the water. No lifeguards are available at the park, so you should swim with caution. There are regulations concerning bathing with soap (biodegradable and non-biodegradable) in the lake, so be sure to note that.


Hunting is permitted in Morice Lake Provincial Park; however, you will need to refer to the current BC Hunting Regulation synopsis to find out the regulations that guide hunting in the park. Be mindful also of Canadian firearms regulations and hunting seasons.

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