Mount Spokane State Park

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Mount Spokane State Park is located in the Selkirk mountains just under 30 miles northeast of the city of Spokane in western Washington state. It is comprised of just over 12,000 acres of heavily forested mountain areas with notable peaks such as Mount Kit Carson, Quartz Mountain, and, of course, Mount Spokane itself. This park is home to many types of wildlife, including larger animals like moose, elk, and bears, and smaller animals such as rabbits and squirrels. You can spot avian species including raptors, owls, and songbirds, and a large variety of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. There are over 100 miles of trails of varying difficulty that wind through the forest- suitable for exploring the area when hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

In the fall, huckleberries grow wild on the mountains, particularly if you reach elevations of over 2,000 feet. Once the snow falls, the park is transformed into a winter wonderland with miles of both alpine and nordic ski trails, from simple trails appropriate for novices to much more difficult trails that can challenge even expert skiers, including some alpine trails that are lit to make it safer for night skiing. No matter brings you and your RV to Washington, Mount Spokane State Park is a great place to soak in the beautiful scenery all around you.

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Transportation in Mount Spokane State Park


Mount Spokane State Park is located just under 30 miles northeast of the town of Spokane, WA. The closest community is the tiny town of Green Bluff, just 15 miles southwest of the park. The road that leads into the forest is Washington Highway 206, a picturesque road that meanders through thick forests. The road is fairly narrow, with very little in the way of a shoulder, and it has a large number of twists and turns to contend with, and there are several shifts in elevation. This makes the road challenging to navigate in a big rig or when towing a large trailer. However, it is also an absolutely stunning drive through verdant forests of ponderosa pine, quaking aspen, and mountain ash, and there are several turnouts along the road to allow drivers to take a short break. The road through the park to the campground itself continues on in much the same way, with beautiful views, but a number of twists, turns, and switchbacks. The campground loop is a well-maintained dirt road, but it is fairly simple to get your moderately-sized RV or trailer situated. There are several parking spots both in and around the state park itself, particularly as you get closer to the skiing and snowboarding areas.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Mount Spokane State Park

Campsites in Mount Spokane State Park

Reservations camping

First-come first-served

Mount Spokane State Forest Campground

This is a small, primitive campground with just eight spots available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a maximum stay of ten days in the summer and 20 during the winter months. The campsites are fairly cozy, just able to accommodate RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. Campsites are arranged in a circle that doesn’t provide a great deal of privacy for the individual sites. Not all of the sites are particularly level, so you may want to bring blocks or stabilizers along with you.

Sites do not have electrical, water, or sewer hookups, but each site has a fire ring with a hibachi-style grill and a picnic table. Generators are allowed during the daytime between 8 AM and 9 PM, and the quiet hours for the park are from 10 PM until 6:30 AM. There is potable water available at the campground, as well as one flush toilet and one vault toilet. Leashed pets are welcome to join you at Mount Spokane State Park, but they may never be left alone at the campsite.

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Seasonal activities in Mount Spokane State Park


Berry Picking

The Pacific Northwest, where Mount Spokane State Park is located, has an abundance of sweet, edible berries that are ripe for the picking between late summer and early fall. You might find blueberries near water sources, thimbleberries on open, sunny slopes, or salmonberries in shady areas. It is huckleberries that are most prevalent in the Mount Spokane State Park, particularly when hiking trails that have an elevation of over 2,000 feet high. It is important that you be certain you know which berry you are picking when harvesting berries as some berries that grow in this region may be toxic rather than tasty.


Hikers who visit Mount Spokane should be certain that their hiking gear is with them in their trailer. There are over 100 miles of trails that wind their way through the verdant ponderosa pine forests and sub-alpine meadows. The trails range from short, easy trails like the .4-mile Bear Grass Trail or the 2.9-mile Mica Road to more difficult or longer hikes like the 3.4-mile Ragged Mountain Trail or the 13-mile ‘Round the Mountain Trail.

Butterfly Watching

The 12,293-acre Mount Spokane State Park fosters the growth of many types of plants and wildflowers, which attract insect pollinators like bees and butterflies. Those who enjoy cataloging or collecting butterflies and moths will be delighted with the variety of different species of Lepidoptera that live on this mountain. You may be able to spot the white wings of a pine white, a flash of orange from a woodland skipper, a satyr comma, a California tortoiseshell, or even the delicate blue of an echo azure.



Birdwatching enthusiasts will want to ensure that their kit is in their trailer as there are a large number of bird species that either live in or migrate through the Mount Spokane State Park. Along with a large number of songbirds like flycatchers, nuthatches, sparrows, and warblers, there are three varieties of hummingbird, several varieties of woodpecker. Raptors, such as red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, western screech owls, and common nighthawks, hunt in this wilderness as well.


Snowfall in the winter changes the forest into a different type of adventure. The Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park has been a fixture in the local community since it was first formed in the 1930s by the Spokane Ski Club. There are also over 15 miles of nordic ski trails that are groomed on and around Mount Spokane to give skiers a chance to explore the area when it is covered with a blanket of snow. Several of the alpine trails are lit for night-time skiing and while the cross-country trails are not lit, night skiing is allowed.


Cyclists will want to bring their mountain bikes along in their campervan when visiting Mount Spokane State Park. There are around 80 miles of mixed-use trails that can be traveled by foot, on horseback, or on a bike. The majority of the biking trails in the park are considered to be intermediate rides. Novices may want to start on easier trails such as the Kit Carson Loop Road or Trail 110, while those looking for a challenge may want to try trails 100 and 120, each of which has difficult steep sections.

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