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Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park


In the large, lightly populated Northwest Territories, visitors will find Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park in the town of Fort Smith. Only a short distance north of Alberta, the park is adjacent to Slave River and is surrounded by forest and nature. With a beautiful landscape and scenic views, this popular park attracts visitors from near and far.

Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park is open from May to September. With both a day-use area and a campground, both those quickly stopping in while they pass through as well as overnight guests are welcome. There are 24 campsites at the campground, all of which have electric hookups. Many amenities at the park are available to make your stay as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. These amenities include a picnic area, playground, walking paths, and restrooms with showers.

During your stay, you’ll find endless activity and nature to enjoy. For thrill-seekers, Slave River is a draw for white-water rafting and kayaking. Those hoping to see the area’s wildlife will be in luck. White pelicans and red-sided garter snakes are common to the park during the spring and summer. Several walking paths within the park will lead visitors to scenic lookouts and stunning river views. In the day-use area, picnic tables and a kitchen shelter provide a great spot for group gatherings and celebrations.

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Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park is located in Fort Smith, NT just north of the province of Alberta. The small town of Fort Smith offers visitors and those just passing through some services and supplies.

The park is open from May to September. Visitors should encounter few if any hazards during the drive to the park. It is always advisable to check weather conditions to ensure you come prepared. The roads in the park are easy to navigate and even those with large RVs or trailers should have no trouble getting around. The campsites all have pull-through parking pads and are spacious, making parking a breeze.

Once settled in and set up at a campsite, it’s time for the fun and relaxation to begin. The day-use area and trails are all walking distance from the campground. Restrooms are located in both the campground and day-use area.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park

Campsites in Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park

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Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park Campground

Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park has 24 campsites, all with electricity. Ten of these campsites have 30-amp hookups while the remaining campsites have 15-amp hookups. The campsites are pull-through sites and large RVs and trailers can be accommodated. Reservations can be made online prior to your stay. The park can fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve well in advance!

Each campsite is private and wooded, surrounded by a forest of tall trees. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring where overnight visitors can enjoy meals and relax in the peaceful nature the park provides.

Other amenities at the park include restrooms with showers, water taps, and a dump station for RVs and trailers. Pets are allowed in the campground and park but must be kept on a leash.

Seasonal activities in Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park


White-Water Rafting and Kayaking

Slave River is well-known for white water rafting and kayaking, Thrill seekers from near and far enjoy the raging waters of the river. Much of the white water corridor is not for the inexperienced. Be sure to check conditions and work with guides if planning on a white water adventure.


Enjoy a picnic during your visit to the park. The picnic area is perfect for celebrations and reunions both small and large. Water taps and restrooms are located nearby the picnic area. The park also has a kitchen shelter making it easy to prepare your food in even questionable weather.


The river and forest is home to many different types of wildlife. Visitors to the park can expect to see animals and even reptiles during their stay at Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park. During the summertime, white pelicans nest on the many islands on Slave River. Due to the climate, one wouldn’t expect to find many reptiles in the Northwest Territories, but red-sided garter snakes thrive in the area. These snakes hibernate throughout the winter and once the weather warms, they emerge and slither their way into the marshland.


Walking Trails

Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park has many walking trails to explore. Spend a morning or afternoon trekking down each path. You’ll find beautiful scenic overlooks in addition to views of Slave River down many of the trails. As you explore the area, you’ll pass under tall trees and may spot white pelicans resting on islands in the river. Red-sided garter snakes are commonly sighted during the spring and summer as well.


After a day filled with activity, whether it be out on the rapids of Slave River or exploring the walking paths in the park, head back to your campsite to relax around a warm, crackling campfire. Each campsite has a fire ring. Firewood is available at the park, though visitors are welcome to bring in their own.


A playground at the park is perfect for kids to run and play between other activities or after a long day of driving. The playground is near the picnic area and kitchen shelter. While the adults prepare a picnic lunch or dinner, the kids can climb around on the playground equipment. The playground is located in the day-use area and is walking distance from the campground.