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Springfield Recreation Area


A hidden sanctuary along the coast of the Missouri River, Springfield Recreation Area is one of the best getaways in South Dakota. The campsites in the recreation area offer spellbinding views to the visitors who camp out by the shores.

Right beside the river is an expansive nine-hole golf club, and a looping bike trail that connects the mesmerizing recreation area with the town of Springfield.

Springfield Recreation Area offers the real kind of outdoorsy fun with primitive campsites and even fire grills that let you cook your meals out in the open. The park offers some of the best amenities to their guests to make sure their days are all about comfortable fun.

Friends, families, and even individuals head towards this natural oasis of green land and blue river for some time away from an otherwise noisy, chaotic, and busy life.

A number of recreation activities ensure that you stay busy and occupied. The park offers guest biking, boating, fishing, hiking, golfing and many other activities to choose from. If you are seeking a place for some fresh air, pack your RVs with basic necessities and head to the Springfield Recreation Area. Camping here will recharge you and rekindle your sense of adventure.

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Springfield Recreation Area is situated one mile east of the town of Springfield off South Dakota Highway 37.

The close proximity with the town makes it very convenient to purchase the necessities required to guarantee a comfortable stay. If you are coming from out of town, just follow the directions to Springfield and from there, follow the signs that lead to Springfield Recreation Area Entrance. Inside the park paved and gravel roads connect to the parks various amenities and most of the campsites are also gravel.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Springfield Recreation Area

Campsites in Springfield Recreation Area

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Springfield Recreational Area Campground A

Springfield Recreation Area has two campgrounds; campground A and campground B that have 19 campsites in total. The park also offer two cabins overlooking Lewis & Clark Lake and the Missouri River.

Campground A offers nine campsites in total that come with electric hookup. The campsites are quite large and offer privacy making them ideal for larger motorhomes, RVs and Big Rigs. The campground also offers a comfort station, water spigots, and a playground with swings and slides to keep young ones entertained.

Both campgrounds come with showers, dump stations, BBQ facilities, and picnic shelters.

Firewood is available within the premises of Springfield Recreation Area and pets are welcome on the trail as well as on the campsites, with some rules applied.

Springfield Recreational Area Campground B

Campground B has 10 campsites in total that are also electric hookup campsites. There is a water spigot, playground, and comfort station, in campground B as well. This campground is located closer to the golf-course, the two cabins and the lake itself. Trails lead off the campgrounds toward the fishing dock and boat ramp area offering access to the beautiful lake waters.

Seasonal activities in Springfield Recreation Area



It would be absurd to camp out by the Missouri River and not drop a line to catch some walleye, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. Springfield Recreation Area offers a fishing dock and fish cleaning station making it easy for anglers to clean their catch and fish safely from the dock. You need to have a license to enjoy the abundance of fish in the river and take some of them back home.

You can also go fishing on a boat if that’s what you find more enjoyable. The handicap accessible fishing dock, however, is the most convenient and popular way to fish at Springfield Recreational Area.


Located right next to a golf course, campers can never resist a game of golf in this beautiful natural landscape. The nine-hole golf club makes it super fun for families and friends to try their hand at golfing and tap into their competitive streak.

If you are particularly seeking an activity to relieve stress, then you couldn’t have made a better choice. Golf is well known for being one of the best outdoor activities for alleviating stress and making you feel happy and relaxed.


There are several boat ramps along the shore which make it possible for campers to boat, kayak, and canoe along the gentle and soothing river water. Boating offers panoramic view of the land from a different vantage point.

The boat ramp allows easy access to the water and vault toilets are also provided nearby. Boating has a way of making us forget about the trivial issues of daily life and helps you feel alive and good about yourself.



Want to enjoy the great summer weather of South Dakota? Then head to Springfield Recreation Area with family, friends, or your significant other. The recreation area provides picnic shelters for privacy, a view of the magnificent Missouri river, and a playground to keep the kids busy.

Head over for the weekend and detox by spending time with nature. If the weather is too hot, you can also take a dip in the water. The showers are clean and close by whenever you fancy a swim.

Biking Trails

The bike trails are long and looping that start from the entrance of Springfield Recreation Area and loops around the campgrounds travelling alongside the Missouri River and lead all the way to the town of Springfield. Biking is a great way to explore the park grounds quickly and take in the beautiful surrounding views.


South Dakota has a diverse landscape made up of lakes, rivers, prairies, grasslands, mountains and much more. This makes it a haven for many species of local and migrating birds. If you are a birdwatcher visiting Springfield Recreational Area be sure to keep an eye out for Clark’s nutcracker, common poorwill, greater-sage grouse, Lewis’ woodpecker, interior least tern, American crow, blue jay, American white pelican, cliff swallow and a myriad of other bird species.