Are you silly for sausage? It might be time to gather your buddies, pile into the RV, and make your way to the 10-day annual Wurstfest in Texas.

Event information

What started with a city meat inspector wishing to celebrate sausage in 1961 has become a ten-day sausage extravaganza. Wurstfest, at 178 Landa Park Drive in New Braunfels, Texas, is a not-to-be-missed event. Whether you’re partial to a particular sausage or you want an excuse to dust off your RV, Wurstfest at the dedicated Wurstfest Event Grounds is it.

Wurstfest has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception all those years ago. The expansive park-like site now incorporates several acres, offering room for thousands of spectators to soak up the atmosphere. And, boy, what an atmosphere it is.

Wurstfest boasts rich, German culture, Texan fun, and proximity to the breathtaking Comal River. It’s also home to beautiful food, beverages, carnival rides, games, and even dancing. If you feel like putting your dancing shoes on, this ten-day event delivers. There are always special events and both Bavarian and Alpine entertainment to get you on your feet.

While there are no opportunities to camp on site, there are plenty in greater New Braunfels. RV resorts, parks, and camping grounds all lie on the outskirts of the area. Join your fellow RV-goers and make use of the ample shuttle services to get your sausage satisfaction.

Beer, sausages, and entertainment galore, what more could you need? Ready the RV this fall and start the season on the right foot.


If you’re chomping at the bit to secure your tickets for Wurstfest, then you’ll be pleased to know the process is effortless. The Wurstfest website has all the ticketing information you require, including updated pricing and schedules.

Your ticket gains you entry into the main event, all entertainment, and all public areas. In the past, children 12 and under have also been free. You can buy your tickets once you arrive, or on the website with special advance discounts and group rates.

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As a rule of thumb, as long as you stick to I-35, you’ll have less trouble navigating your RV to the Wurstfest Fairgrounds. The primary address for the event is 120 Landa Street, but 178 Landa Park Drive is also seen as an address for the center of the action.

If you’re traveling from San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, or Fort Worth, take the I-35 until you get to the Walnut Avenue exit. Detours are often present in the area, so be prepared to take an alternate route if needed.

Parking areas

There is limited day parking adjacent to Wurstfest, but you will need to be the early bird to get the best spot. However, Wurstfest also puts shuttle services in place, including park and rides, to ensure you won’t have to miss out on sausage and its delights. Park at any of the meeting points around town and jump aboard the shuttle, but keep in mind that many of these options may be only for cars.

Public Transportation

Making your way around New Braunfels can be challenging when Wurstfest is in town. However, there are plenty of public transportation options to take away that stress. You can set your RV up where you intend on camping, then utilize one of many services.

In the past, private rideshare services have offered discounts for Wurstfest, but there are also many different public buses and shuttles in operation. These often run from attractions and accommodation providers throughout New Braunfels.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available due to the lack of camping facilities. Wurstfest doesn’t leave you high and dry though. A short skip, hop, and a jump from the Wurstfest Grounds are many different accommodation providers, including RV resorts, campgrounds, and parks. You will not have far to travel to enjoy ten days of German cuisine and Texan hospitality.


Thousands of sausage lovers descend on New Braunfels during November, which means you’re going to need to be on your game to secure accommodation. Check out the facilities in or nearby New Braunfels. There are many different parks, resorts, and campgrounds with various service hookups, with some less than a mile from the event site. Remember, book weeks or months in advance to get your first pick. You will also enjoy that some of these facilities offer shuttle services to and from Wurstfest.

Getting around

Once you arrive at Wurstfest, either by the ‘Wurstwagen" shuttle services or another means, your feet will need to carry you the rest of the way. While there’s a lot to see, do, and experience, it’s all close to each other. There are also seats in all entertainment areas to ensure your feet don’t get too tired.

What to pack


Weather in Texas during fall is quite mild, with a need for sunscreen but also a sweater. Festival patrons must wear a shirt and shoes, but silliness is encouraged. Make sure you pack your lederhosen, goofy hats, and dirndls to fit in with the German theme. However, once night time draws in, you might be swapping those dirndls for jackets.


You’re at Wurstfest to have a good time, not to lug your gear around the event. Bring the bare minimum with you, including cash, and don’t forget to purchase your drink tickets so you can enjoy the flavors of the event. Outside food and drink are not allowed, but with so much on offer at Wurstfest, you won’t need it anyway. Pack a few essential comfort items and purchase whatever else you need once you get there.

Health & Safety

Even though fall is well and truly in full swing once Wurstfest arrives, Texas likes to show off with a bit of sunshine. As a result, you will still need a sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and even bug spray. Because the event runs for ten days, make sure you bring any medical supplies and prescriptions you need to keep healthy while away from home.

Where to eat


Cooking rules and regulations may differ from one accommodation provider to the next, so check with your host before you light up an outdoor grill. Most campsites will allow the use of onboard RV appliances. Forgot the bread and milk? Never fear! There is a market a little over two miles away to stock up and refill your RV cabinets.


Wurstfest is one big festival, but if you’d like to check out the eats in Texas, then there’s no harm in checking out what New Braunfels has to offer. Burgers, bistro meals, and light cafe treats are a short trip away. You can get your fill then make your way back to Wurstfest just in time for more Bavarian entertainment.


There is never a shortage of beer and food at Wurstfest. You will need to exchange your money for beverage tickets, but you can buy food with cash. There are also ATMs on site to withdraw cash when you need it. All vendors offer something unique and special, so step outside your comfort zone and try something new.



Packing light will not only make you feel more comfortable during the Wurstfest but will also speed up the time it takes for you to enter the main entrance. There is bag screening at every entrance, so it might pay to leave much of what you don’t need back at your RV.

Your pets will need to remain at your campsite, and most bulky items are best left there as well. Coolers, chairs, instruments, and anything that could cause harm or a disturbance are things you need to pop back in your RV for use once you leave the festival.


Wurstfest is a rain or shine event, which means little worry for a cancellation. Traditionally, the temperature remains in the 70s to 80s throughout the day, dropping overnight. You may like to leave a vent in your RV open during the day, before piling on the blankets and snuggling up to remain nice and warm overnight.


EMTs are on duty at all times during Wurstfest, which means you won’t be short of assistance if you require it. There is a First Aid Station by the big tent, south of Das Grosse Zelt.

If you have a medical emergency, the nearest hospital and pharmacy are a mere four minutes away. You’re in the right place if you trip over, stub your toe, or injure yourself in any way.