We love to help.

We love to help.

Now it’s easier to charge for extra miles and generator hours

Published Jan 12, 2023

Calling all Outdoorsy hosts, charging for extra miles and generator hours just got easier.

Just look for the Record mileage and generator button on the Bookings page for the trip. This appears 2 days before the trip begins.

You’ll enter your mileage and / or generator readings twice.

  • Enter your starting miles and / or generator hours before the trip begins.
    • Take photos of your odometer and generator meter, as well.
  • Enter your ending miles and / or generator hours when you get your vehicle back.
    • Take photos again.

Once you enter the ending values, we’ll calculate any overage charges for you. You’ll see a breakdown of what the guest owes, based on the mileage and generator settings for your listing. At that point, you can decide whether to charge the guest or not.

To charge the guest, select the Process overage fee button. We’ll charge the guest’s payment method on file.

If you allow unlimited mileage and generator hours for a listing, you will not see anything about this new process on your Bookings pages.

No more calculating overages yourself

This new process gives you a fast way of seeing whether your guest used more miles or generator hours than what their rental included. And, an easy way to charge for it.

You can now stop using the Collect extra fees process to charge the guest’s security deposit for mileage and generator overages. 

The new process also gives your guests better transparency into how many extra miles and / or hours they used. And, how much they paid for any overage.


  • You have 7 days after a trip ends to collect extra mileage and generator hour fees.
  • Charging for extra miles and generator hours is optional. If you decide not to charge the guest after seeing the overage, perhaps because it’s really low, simply ignore the Process overage fee button.
  • You can set both your per-day usage limits for mileage and generator and the cost for going over. To adjust your settings, go to your listing and:
    • Select Pricing from the left-hand menu if you’re using the website.
    • Select Mileage charges or Generator charges from the menu if you’re using the app.