We love to help.

We love to help.

Get your ‘Rent me on Outdoorsy’ sticker or magnet

The best place to advertise your vehicle listing? On your vehicle!

That’s why Outdoorsy offers free (while supplies last) ‘Rent me on Outdoorsy’ stickers and magnets. Put one on your vehicle so that everywhere it goes, it helps you get more bookings.

You can also purchase a sticker or magnet that has a QR code for your listing using our premade templates.

Free sticker or magnet

Sticker reading "Rent me on Outdoorsy"

Each host can order either a sticker or a magnet at no cost. Stickers come in 2 sizes, and the magnet comes in 1 size. Each order gets reviewed and approved, so please only place 1 order for 1 item. These are available while supplies last.

To get yours, access the Outdoorsy store using this code: OutdoorsyOwner. Then, select 1 of the below options.

  • Small sticker: 3.6 x 4”
  • Large sticker: 8.5 x 9.3”
  • Large magnet: 8.5 x 9.3”

Items ship to U.S. addresses only.

QR code sticker or magnet

You can also use our predesigned templates to create a sticker or magnet that has a QR code for your listing. Since you pay for these yourself, you can order as many as you want.

The templates are free to use. Just choose your favorite and plug your listing’s QR code into the design. Some even have room for your RV’s name. From there, you can export and save the file to have it printed and shipped to you through any third-party site. We recommend Vistaprint.

Sticker / decal templates (based on standard Vistaprint sizes)

Magnet templates (based on standard Vistaprint sizes)

Once your RV is sporting its new sticker or magnet, share a photo in the Outdoorsy RV Host Community on facebook. We love seeing what our hosts have been up to.