We love to help.

We love to help.

What is Roamly Weather Coverage?

Roamly has partnered with Sensible to provide a product that allows you to purchase coverage for the duration of your trip and be able to receive a refund in the event of bad weather.

Available in the U.S. only, for all RVs, this additional Roamly Weather Coverage provides protection for your trip in the event of unexpected bad weather. Possible coverage is based on information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

For example, if it rains more than the amount quoted (based on the NOAA day-of-forecast), then Sensible will automatically provide a refund to you, based on the current weather at the location of your trip.

When you initially purchase coverage from Roamly Weather, you will see some basic information outlining your coverage and its parameters:

What to expect:

A forecasted “light rain” of 1.5 mm, or more, for 3+ hours will trigger the daily coverage. We’ll alert you if bad weather is on the horizon. Don’t worry, we’ll only text you if it’s important – aka you have money available. Light rain is when you walk outside, and the ground looks like it’s been raining, think small puddles.

How’s the coverage triggered?

3 – 6 hours of rain = $51.93/day 6+ hours of rain = $103.86/day

This is just an example of what you’ll see when you consider purchasing coverage. The expected forecast, details, and amount of possible refunds. 

If the weather during your trip is considerably worse than anticipated, based on the previous NOAA forecast, Sensible will notify you via text message and issue reimbursement automatically!


How do I purchase Roamly Weather Coverage?

Weather Coverage is offered when you make your reservation online for any stationary RV bookings where the RV is delivered and set up at a destination, or for campsite bookings, because the service requires an address to calculate the coverage.

You will also be able to purchase Weather Coverage after your booking is confirmed, from the Trips details page in your account.

Note! Roamly weather coverage can only be quoted and purchased for trips that are less than three months long.

Is Roamly Weather Coverage the same as Trip Protection?

No, Roamly Weather Coverage is a separate offering from both Trip Protection and Damage Protection.

How is the covered amount determined?

The covered amount is based on the total cost of your booking when coverage is purchased. 

How long do I have to purchase coverage?

Roamly Weather Coverage is available for purchase up until the day before your trip begins. If your trip starts today, you will not be able to purchase coverage. 

What happens if I change the dates of my trip?

Because coverage is based on a specific date range and forecast, if you change the dates of your trip then your Roamly Weather Coverage will be removed and need to be repurchased for your new trip dates. 

Can I cancel my Weather Coverage?

You have 24 hours after the purchase of Roamly Weather Coverage to cancel it. After 24 hours have passed, then coverage will not be able to be removed without canceling the booking. 

Note! If Roamly Weather Coverage is added within 14 days of your booking’s start date, then the option to remove the coverage will not be available. 

What happens to my coverage if my booking is canceled?

If the booking is canceled prior to departure, then the entire cost of Roamly Weather Coverage will be refunded to you. 

Note! If the booking is canceled on, or after, departure then Roamly Weather Coverage will be nonrefundable. 

Sensible Customer Support

Sensible Customer Support will be best equipped to answer any specific questions you may have about the available coverage. You can contact them by phone or email:

  • Phone: +1 424-367-1964
  • Email: support@sensibleweather.com