Gifting road trips to healthcare heroes

Now more than ever, our healthcare heroes can benefit from surrounding themselves with nature to recuperate. To thank them for their brave efforts on the front lines, Outdoorsy donated free nights to our heroes to enjoy.

Participating in our give back program


Helping us find heroes

We were blown away by the more than 1,500 of you that nominated a healthcare hero in your community by sharing their story with us. Since launching our Healthcare Heroes program in May, we have been honored to give away free nights to over 140 heroes to thank them and help them recuperate in the outdoors. We’ve now closed nominations and winners have been contacted by email. Thank you for sharing the stories of the doctors, nurses, EMTs, or others working in healthcare who are making a difference.


Paying it forward by booking RV and campervan trips

Our community came together to book RV trips, and for each trip booked, we donated a trip to a healthcare hero.

Including your RV in the healthcare hero give back program

Our owners turned their RVs into vehicles for doing good. Our owner community signed up to have their vehicles featured in our program and were recognized with special badges on their listings so our heroes could spot them when booking their well-deserved vacations.

This program wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from the Outdoorsy RV owners. Thank you for offering your vehicle to give our heroes a chance to explore their backyard. And special shout out to our partners Kampgrounds of America and Harvest Hosts for their generous donation to the program.

How the program worked

We selected nominees each week and gifted them a free trip

Each week, we selected heroes to receive free trips from Outdoorsy.

We shared stories on social

Each week, we announced names of heroes on our social channels.

You shared your hero’s stories on social too

A big thank you to our community for spreading the word about our healthcare heroes program by tagging us and sharing more about the doctors, nurses, EMTs and more who inspired them.

A few of our healthcare hero trip winners

The Outdoorsy community shared 1,400 stories of their healthcare heroes. Here are few of their stories.

COVID ICU Nurse from Massachusetts

Matt S.

Matt quickly volunteered to work on the dedicated COVID ICU floor in Boston, MA. He learned new skills, has taken care of the sickest COVID patients, and picked up many extra 12 hour shifts to fill the need.

Registered Nurse from Florida

Brittany C.

She is currently working in the trenches of the COVID-19 front lines. The stories she tells me of the things she is seeing and experiencing as she serves these patients are shocking, but every day she goes back to work with a smile on her face, ready to serve her patients and her team. Despite fears expressed by her family and friends and the sadness of missing out on our summer plans, she ran towards the fight.

Nurse from Colorado

Lori H.

Lori is responsible for calling individuals and notifying them if the COVID 19 test was positive. This free vacation allows her to step away from the stress of her work situation. Nature is how she recharges. After recharging this will allow her to come back to her job to handle the stress with a clear mind.

Nurse from North Carolina

Tommy F.

When the pandemic hit my husband signed up to be the charge nurse of the COVID ICU at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC. Tommy has stood up the ICU, and has been working tirelessly saving lives. He’s worked overtime. This could be a chance for our family to reconnect and make up for the time spent apart. For my husband to see how much his children have grown over the last few months. And it will give him a much needed break from working so hard, being on his feet all day caring for others.

ICU Pharmacist from California

Pamela C.

She is taking care of COVID patiences day in and day out with great compassion and care despite the challenges through PPE shortages and quarantining herself from her family including her daughters. Pamela is also a US Air Force Veteran who served during 9/11 and has just re-enlisted with the US Army Reserves to again serve the great people of this nation. She has always been selfless giving back to her patients, giving back to her community, and giving back to her country.

Nurse from Texas

Logan L.

My husband Logan is such an amazing nurse and I don't think he always gets the praise that he deserves. He will take the assignment/patient that’s in the most critical condition and steps up when others are scared. He’s a great caregiver and people trust their lives with him.

Registered Nurse from Colorado

Andy M.

Because he has extensive experience in the ICU, he was asked to change departments and start caring for COVID+ patients. He's a brave, strong, smart man and he definitely had some tough, devastating shifts, but we all survived. He self-quarantined to the basement, and wore a mask all the time while in the house. We have 2 toddlers, so it was tough limiting his interaction with them. I'm very proud of my husband for stepping up to the plate when he was needed most.

Registered Nurse from Kentucky

Amanda M.

Amanda has been working the frontlines in the ICU since mid March. She’s compassionately cared for patients like never before as patients have been in full isolation rooms, on ventilators and without any support from their family members. I know she’s grown so much during this pandemic and I am so proud of how she’s carried herself through it all. Her mental health has been affected, as one would expect, but she’s the most optimistic girl I know. She lives everyday with a positive outlook and that’s exactly the way she’s cared for these incredibly sick patients.

Nurse from California

Liana G.

For the past 3 months she has been caring for critically-ill covid patients on ventilators. Her work required her to do mandatory overtime and although my wife is strong, I see the stress that she brings home everyday. To protect our 3 year old daughter and parents, she has been self isolating at another location for 3 months now. She facetimes our daughter every night and visits her on her days off with mask, gloves, and social distancing.

Registered Nurse from Massachusetts

Taryn M.

Taryn has tirelessly worked through this pandemic being deployed throughout the hospital as a frontline worker. Taryn has worked in all capacities within the hospital. Taryn and her husband Josh have two school age children 6 & 12. Together while both working 40+ hours and covering mandatory calls have managed to also be teachers to the children. Trying to be everything to everybody is exhausting but both Taryn and Josh have kept moving forward.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions

I want to nominate a healthcare hero. How do I do that?

Submissions are now closed. All winners from the program should have received an email from Outdoorsy.

If I book an RV trip, do I need to take it right away?

Not at all. As long as the trip is completed before the end of the year 2020, it’s valid! Please make sure you’re booking a trip during a time that is safe for you to do so.

All your other questions, answered.

Answers to any additional questions surrounding our healthcare heroes program, as well as the terms and conditions, can be found on our FAQ page or by reaching out to us at


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