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Tim D.

2November 2022

Four days prior to the trip I was reviewing the amenities of the RV and noticed the owners note that it was in the shop and the heat didn’t work. When I booked the trip 2 weeks earlier that note didn’t exist. When I messaged through the app whether it would be out of the shop or not, Joan’s reply was don’t plan on it. Joan said she would call the shop and get back to me. She did not. I then did some more research and found Joan’s phone number. My girlfriend called and asked if the heat worked and if would be out of the shop. Joan said it would be. We scheduled a pick up time, hoping to meet to review how the heat and other things worked. We messaged Joan via text and learned she would not be there. She sent us a video on how to work the heat. Not having used an RV before we inquired how to get the water to work. She gave us a quick answer and then when we asked another question we were told the internet was a great resource and the RV needed gas. The RV had less than 1/4 tank and Joan made it clear additional questions were not welcome. We learned the table was broken, the microwave didn’t work and the heat didn’t work. We ended up camping in 27* wx with no heat. When we returned the vehicle because she said it worked we requested a demonstration on how the heat worked and Joan was not available again, even though her car was in the garage. Needless to say we would like a partial refund and I would not allow Joan to rent her RV. We feel she released the RV to us knowing full well the heat didn’t work and other amenities as expected. I look forward to your response.

Paul S.

5August 2022

Went very well. No issues