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Aloha! Here at Hele Hawai'i, we are firm believers in getting out there and doing the things! In Hawai'i, 'hele' means go! And that's exactly what we want you to do with our camper vans. Get out there, and see what Maui has to offer! Explore. Adventure. And get to living! Are you ready? Let's Hele!

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Memories made on trips with Kelsey Manning's RVs

Canice S.

5December 2021

A really lovely experience to explore Maui Island with Blue! Highly recommended!

Joseph S.

4September 2021

I liked the rooster tapestry which will only make sense when you’ve spent some time on Maui 🙃

Gerica A.

4September 2021

Kelsey was a wonderful host and very responsive when we encountered hiccups during our trip. Blue was easy to drive and maneuver and really allowed us to blend in while still accessing every part of the island we wanted to visit.

Sarah S.

5September 2021

It was great

Catherine P.

5July 2021

We had an awesome time in Blue! Was the perfect van for exploring Maui and loved the ability to charge up phones & the fridge.

Sarah M.

5July 2021

The van is as described (beware, the bed is short, so anyone over 1.70m will not be able to lay straight), fully equipped. It was really easy and convenient to check-in and out from the airport. Communication with Kelsey (owner) was super easy too.

Alexander M.

5July 2021

Blue was such a great car! She had everything we needed for an awesome time in Maui. The van had everything we could ever need inside and Kelsey was really responsive and helpful throughout the trip. We definitely brought too much stuff because Blue came outfitted with everything we needed!
Also, the airport delivery is soooooooo worth it. It was so convenient to walk off the plane and right to the car in the parking lot.

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Hal M.

5June 2021

Absolutely fantastic trip. Kelsey was super helpful and replied quickly to all our questions. Blue handled the main road out to Hana beautifully. It’s an older car so don’t expect it to drive like a 2019 truck, but it is well capable and we had a blast. Thanks!

Amy J.

5May 2021

See pictures for a summary of our experience

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Micheal R.

5May 2021

My boyfriend and I rented Blue for part of our recent trip to Maui. This was our first time ever experiencing van life and I couldn’t recommend renting blue more!! We drove all around the island and made some of the best memories camping in her! Van was equipped with everything we needed and it was easy to drive. Kelsey (the owner) was responsive whenever we had any questions and not to mention, just an awesome person in general. If you’re planning a trip to Maui; skip the resorts or Airbnb’s and just rent a van for the entire trip, SO MUCH FUN!

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Jane T.

5April 2021

Blue did such a great job on our trip to Maui!! Bed was super comfortable, although may be too small length-wise for taller folks. The refrigerator was a nice touch to keep some of our items cool and the van was nice and equipped with paper towels, TP, bug spray, cooking and kitchen items, comfortable beach chairs, and a cooler. The highlight was waking up in the mornings and opening the back doors to the amazing Maui views right from your bed.

John M.

5March 2021

Had a great trip me. The van is pretty awesome.

Pamela B.

4March 2021

Great trip. Limited camping in maui .