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Memories made on trips with William Mata's RVs

Alexander N.

5August 2021


Kayla H.

5July 2021

This trailer was perfect for our small family. It was so clean and well kept. William was so easy to deal with and he was so thorough when going through all the details of the trailer. I highly recommend this rental.

Darlene O.

5October 2020

The camper was great! just the right size for my purpose. William was very responsive to my questions.

Jennifer S.

5August 2020

The trailer was beautifully maintained, and William was very informative and super helpful. We would definitely rent from him again!

Sarah J.

1August 2020

Overall we are appalled with our experience with this owner. The RV itself was nice however since ending the trip the owner has put forward charges against our credit card claiming we left the trailer “filthy”. Further, when the trailer was delivered, the generator (which we paid $75 for) had no gas in it. We were told very flippantly by the owner to “just drive into town to get some” (town was over 30 minutes away). Please be aware of this owner when booking. He also apparently owns his own business renting RVs. I have attached pictures below about how we left the trailer which he claims was filthy. HE IS NOT FOLLOWING COVID PROTOCOLS by bleaching the trailer as he claims. He advised us the trailers are bleached after each use and then proceeded to fraudulently charge $100 to our credit card for “cleaning fees”.

5 Photos submitted by Sarah J.

Kirk S.

5August 2020

Had an great experience with this RV! William was a pleasure to work with! He was extremely accommodating and ensured we were comfortable with all aspects of the rental before we departed. The RV is in great shape and is perfect for a small family. Highly recommend!

Kim C.

5June 2020

This was a fabulous experience for our first time renting on Outdoorsy. William was extremely thorough. He made sure we were capable of handling the trailer and it was clear that he ensured we fully understood how all of the equipment worked. Renter was timely and accommodating to our requests to meet. Very professional and punctual.

2 Photos submitted by Kim C.