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We are a Marine Corps Veteran family. We love to travel and enjoy the road.

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Memories made on trips with Alexandra Morales's RVs

Abigail C.

5May 2022

Adrian and Alexandra were a pleasure to rent from. Very responsive and accommodating. The RV was clean, comfortable and they provided the basic necessities. Will definitely use again!

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for using our RV for your travel. Will definitely rent again and a discount will be given.

Jeffrey F.

5March 2022

The Morales were terrific “hosts”. They kept in touch and were readily available if we had any questions. The RV was perfect for our family of 6 (4 young girls) with plenty of room and functionality for a 6-day road trip.

Alexandra’s answer

Thank for choosing our RV for your family trip. It was a pleasure working with you and your family. Keep us in mind for your next family trip with a discount.

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Lori F.

0October 2021

Alexandra Morales canceled the booking 7 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Alvaro R.

0October 2021

Alexandra Morales canceled the booking 6 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Leslie H.

1October 2021

Don't rent from them if you want to have a working RV that does what they promise it will do. They admitted when we went to pick up the RV, on the day we were leaving on a 3,000 mile 10 day round trip from El Paso, Texas to Louisville, KY that the RV had been "very busy" recently and had not been serviced and they let us put our 3 very young children in this death trap and endangered our children and everyone else on the road instead of being responsible RV owners and having it looked at by a licensed professional to make sure it was safe and ready for us before we left. Before we even got out of El Paso the AC cover and filter fell down off the ceiling onto the floor of the RV just with the vibrations of highway driving and would not stay. The faucets did not work so there was no running water. We never tried the toilet or the shower. Halfway to Louisville, the owner texted us and said, "Is the RV behaving?" which is not a question you'd ask someone if you had a clear conscience and were confident that it was running well. We made it to Louisville, but we were unable to sleep in the RV as planned. When we got to Louisville, we tried to plug into my mother in law's house and either the "marina" cord the Morales' supplied did not work, or the things on the RV were just not working. But we were never able to get power at all so no slide so no bed, no electricity, and of course no running water. It was much too hot to sleep without air, and it was raining outside so we could not open the windows so we were forced to go to a hotel where we had to pay for 2 hotel rooms for 10 days because we had 6 people in our party and we had planned to stay in the RV for the entire trip. Then, as we were packing up to start the drive back to El Paso, the carbon monoxide detector started alarming which was terrifying. Outdoorsy sent a mobile mechanic to the hotel to see if it could be repaired, and the mobile mechanic said it needed to be towed to a shop as it was not safe to drive. At this point the battery was also completely dead, and the generator would not start even manually. Both the owners and Outdoorsy pressured us to put our young children in the back of that RV and drive it 1500 miles back to El Paso with an alarming carbon monoxide detector anyway because according to them it was "still drivable" as the car part still ran. We could not in good conscience endanger our children and everyone else on the road so we left the RV in the hotel parking lot where it had been and the owner was there in less than 24 hours later to come get it. He had to tow it home, but charged us for the tow. He also kept our entire security deposit even though we have over 70 pictures and video proving there was absolutely zero damage and that we left it in exactly the same condition in which we received it. Outdoorsy found in our favor, and said we were owed a refund by the owner, but the owner refuses to even give us back our security deposit which he has no legal right to hold. He is breaking the law. I'm sure when the RV functions properly it's great. But when it doesn't function properly, and it ruins your entire vacation, and you are left stranded with 3 young kids 1500 miles from home and you're scrambling to find alternate transportation during a pandemic which is no easy thing, the Morales' were unkind, had zero compassion, and the very least they could do is return our security deposit. They refuse to comply with Outdoorsy's ruling and now we are probably going to have to sue them.

Ian S.

0October 2021

Alexandra Morales canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Alejandro S.

5September 2021

This is my second trip with the RV. Both times have been amazing. Everything is well taken care of and prepared for us to take over. When been instructed both times how to prepare for every situation . My family has been happy all through both trips. Thank you for creating a great experience!

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for choosing our RV. We are glad to hear that the family and yourself enjoy the RV and are happy to use it. We appreciate you coming back to us. For your next adventure we will work on a good deal. Thanks…

Robert T.

5September 2021

Very helpful! Explained everything detail. RV is very well maintained. Great experience!

Alexandra’s answer

Glad to hear you had a great experience. Thank you for choosing our RV for your family trip.

Charles K.

5August 2021

Our much anticipated trip went fantastically! The RV was in tip top shape! Clean and impeccable! The RV owners were friendly and very accommodating! All in all I'd say we enjoyed our voyage that much more because of Alexandra and her family. If we rent again there's no one I'd rather rent from!

Cindy P.

5July 2021

The RV was perfect for us. Very clean and great to drive. The Morales were super easy to work with and very thorough with every part of the RV. Would rent from them again in the future!!

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for being an excellent Renter and taking care of our RV. Will definitely rent again in the future if given the opportunity. Thank you very much…

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Shawn B.

5June 2021

Excellent RV and the Morales were phenomenally accommodating

Jessica A.

5June 2021

What a great experience! This was our first RV trip and Adrian was so helpful in explaining how to use everything. The RV is in excellent condition and was perfect for our trip.

Alexandra’s answer

Ms. Jessica thank you for choosing our RV. We are so glad to hear that everything went great. You and your family were awesome guest. Would be happy to have you guys back again.

Esther H.

5May 2021

What a family experience we made with Adrian and Alexa! They are so fun and friendly to work with. This was our first RV trip ever and we were very excited as well as worrisome. They were so kind for me to test drive to all the way home guiding me on the road. They assured me that I am ready to drive and enjoy the full ride. As they said, it turned out to be best arrangement to meet our family’s need on the road for 4days. Their Freelander was in a great shape that we were able to drive long distance with confidence and peace. We live in the same city and we would love to use their accommodations in near future! We are very thankful for their hospitality!❤️

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for choosing our RV. We too are thankful and greatfull to have meet you and your family. Yu’all where awesome renters and took very good care of our RV. Hope to do business later down the road and of course with a discount.

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Erica M.

5March 2021

I cannot say enough good things about the RV, the owners, Adrian and Alex, and value of this rental! We rented the RV for 6 days for a trip through the National Parks in the area. I had never driven an RV so was a bit nervous but Adrian gives a thorough intro with everything you need to know. I got used to driving it quickly, especially with the backup camera that can also be used to see the blind spots on either side of the vehicle.
The RV itself is awesome! Nice, new, clean, spacious, efficient appliances. Generator works great, but all the hook ups are also easy to figure out, even for a first time RVer. Would happily rent again when we return to the Southwest. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Enjoy!

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for being an awesome renter. Will definitely rent again when around this area. Will give a discount on your next rental.

Christy W.

5January 2021

Very kind Owner’s! Our family of 5 was comfortable. Lots of complementary items provided for added convenience and comfort.

Alexandra’s answer

Thank you for the great review. Hope to do business again. Next time there will be a discount.

Amy S.

5December 2020

everything was great. plenty of space to move about, clean, lots of blankets to keep us warm and the host and hostess were delightful when giving us a run down of the camper. We had no issues and had a wonderful weekend.