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Jeff F.

5November 2021

We had a great time, couple minor issues which we resolved and the unit was clean inside and fully operational!
Would def rent again! I would drop to a two star (bad)!! I left my original
review up as well, see below! How things change!!!
A week after I returned the unit to the owner and after she extracted a
favorable review from us, she decided to hold my deposit and attempt to
charge me for repairs that I am not responsible for!
1. I had to clean the inside and out from months of storing at a trailer
park/storage. Including the linen, on the nite before we were leaving for
the trip.
2. Once hooked up to water there were three leaks I had to fix (and I
called her about).
3. We got locked out of the trailer and again did what was required,
(called the owner and roadside assistance). they didn't have an extra key
hidden and road side assistance couldnt get there until the next day. With
no choice and with the owners full acknowledgement, I popped the lock, no
damage, sent her pics and showed her on Amazon where to get an exact
4. We deliver the unit back to her, inspections take place and she
apologizes for our experience and asks again for a 5star review to help her
get more renters!
5. Shortly after the review and after I had been home she called to inform
me the step was broken. I shared it worked fine while we were camping as
well as when we returned it and went through inspections.

Sovet’s answer

Thank you for the five-star review, I was happy to learn that you and your wife had a great time, the camper was clean inside and fully operational. I was disappointed in how things turned out. In ever interaction there is always two sides to a story. I will offer the truth and what took place. Please take the time to read what happened during this rental. On November 10th renter and his wife picked up the RV, they did a complete walk through of the RV and were very pleased with the condition of the RV. There were no minor/major issues detected by the renter or me during the walk through upon pickup. On Nov 11th I was contacted by the renter, he stated that unfortunately he had left the key inside the camper and was locked out. The renter was approximately 150 miles away therefore I immediately advised him to contact Outdoorsy roadside assistance.

Peter W.

5January 2021

This RV was perfect for us! It was very nice and clean and we would highly recommend it to anyone.If we need an RV in the future we will definitely check to see if this one is available.The owner was so kind and helpful in answering all of our questions.
A Great Experience For Us! Pete & Barb