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Megan N.

5September 2021

We had a wonderful trip! Tony was extremely helpful, available, and attentive. We couldn't have asked for better accomodations to spend 18 days and nights in.

Anne M.

0September 2021

Anthony Blackburn canceled the booking 1 day before departure. This is an automated posting.

MyKia W.

1June 2021

This was the worst bait and switch ever. He was super friendly at first. Even his request for outside communication didn't seem strange until we started having issues with the vehicle. On the ride to our location the trouble began. First the AC in the back stopped working. We realize the generator light was not on anymore(we turned it and the water pump heater on as instructed by the owner) We thought maybe it had and auto shut off while driving but we turned it back on with no problem and continued our 2 hour drive. When we arrived at our location we parked the vehicle and put down the jacks. Before we could do anything else we were asked to move to another spot on the campground. When we attempted to Store the jacks as instructed by the owner the driver-side jack didn't move. We contacted the owner he told us to put fluid in to as there as a leak in the hydraulics. We did that and the Jack only moved up a little bit. You were unable to move from that spot. At that point we noticed the generator was off again, but this time it would not start back. We contact the owner he began to take us through a series of maintenance procedures such jump-starting batteries and applying oil to the generator that upon checking we discovered was completely empty. After having to go to the store which was not in our plan our event was in a remote Camp location with the closest stores at least 30 to 40 minutes away. I was a facilitator for my event so it was not convenient for me to have to leave the campsite for supplies. None of the things that the owner told us to do worked I asked him if he could use the cross streets in the city that I provided for him in order to find our location. Or even the cameras and the GPS system that he has installed in the camper in order to get us help he refused. Again I was a facilitator for my event so I could not spend a lot of time working on this vehicle so we ended up having to sleep in our tents. Use a spray bottle to shower and a bucket as our potty. All of our food spoiled because the refrigerator no longer worked without the generator. We were unable to cook the food that we did bring because the stove in the RV did not work without the generator. All of this could have been prevented if the owner had simply checked all of the fluids before renting out his vehicle. Or simply informed us that he could not help and we could have contacted roadside assistance right away instead of wasting time waiting on a battery to charge that was never going to charge to begin with. This lack of generator cost us an entire tank of gas as we were instructed to leave the engine running so that the battery could charge the generator and it was also the only way we could use any type of air conditioning since the front air conditioner is all that was work. Three people had to huddle around the front dashboard just to cool off a little. We paid $89 for a late return when we asked him on pickup about the late return he told us we had until 10 p.m. to return the vehicle. This might have happened flawlessly if we were not having to unpack in a dark hot RV. After all that we experience Anthony had the audacity to charge us for being an hour and 40 minutes late when I reached out to him and told him what was going on and by the time we made it to his side of town there was some type of emergency police activity blocking the street. I sent him pictures and video of this but she still insisted on charging us for the delay. I chose this RV because it was the only one available on such a busy weekend and all of the good reviews made me having to settle for this vehicle a little easier. But after my experience and the way Anthony has pushed all the blame on us has made me regret my decision to settle.

Lawrence K.

5January 2021

As a first-time RV'er Tony was efficient in his instruction and reassuring as to the operations of the RV. I especially appreciated the completeness of everything from the operating manual to the kitchen, bath bed linens down to the soap. shampoo and TP. Communicating with Tony was especially appreciated both before and during the trip with instantaneous text message responses and answers.

Matt M.

5November 2020

We had a great trip with this Massive RV!! My family of 4 plus our puppy had more than enough room and all the amenities of home. If you think you forgot something as you go to pick up this RV, don’t sweat it. The owners have thought of everything you will need for your trip. Well appointed!

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Sharon D.

5September 2020

We rented this RV for our first family camping trip with our 5 and 6 year old. There was plenty of room for all of us. If anyone in your family is tall, this RV will be great for you. My husband is 6’5” and had plenty of room to stand and move around. Anthony was extremely easy to communicate with throughout the trip.

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Edwin G.

5August 2020

Tony is very friendly and pleasant to do business with. The Comfort Queen is an excellent value. The only reason I gave mechanical 4 stars is because the electrical system does shed load when being overtasked. However, Tony made me aware of the issue prior to me driving away and gave instructions on how to remedy the issue. I followed his direction and it was a non-event. I highly recommend the Comfort Queen.

Nick S.

5August 2020

We had an excellent experience with the Comfort Queen. Tony was great to work with, answering any questions we had within minutes and being very helpful. Tony delivered the RV to our home and took time to talk through all the features. Our family loved it and look forward to going again. Very reasonably priced and had everything we needed.

Richard G.

5August 2020

If you have never rented an RV this is an EXCELLENT beginner model.. Anthony was very knowledgeable and took his time explaining everything and making sure we knew where everything was. RV was amazing we had all the "home" features we needed. The hospitality and customer service was amazing Anthony gave Us. He really made us feel like FAMILY! I could go on forever!!!! The amazing experience renting from Tony and his wife was truly memorable and without them it would not have been possible! For that The Glenn's would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Christine A.

5August 2020

This was my first experience in renting an RV and Tony and Tracy were wonderful to work with. The comfort queen was exactly as advertised and even better in person. I felt free to contact Tony at ANY time with questions about logistics or any concerns at all. The rig is fully stocked with many items I would have had to purchase-outdoor chairs, tables, grocery staples, beach towels, Tents, boogie boards, lots of DVDs and it has its own WiFi. Just a great experience!

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Cynthia W.

5March 2020

Anthony was very quick to reply to any questions we had and took care of everything we needed. Thank you Anthony!