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Jess F.

3September 2022

Yan’s answer

Thank you for the review Jess! I understand your frustration, there were cleaning fees when attending Burning Man that were made clear before. As well as the tolls you passed through that got charged to me, that I asked you to pay with no response. I hope everything works out for you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to host you.

Anni G.

5July 2022

We went camping with Buster and it was just enough space and convince to make the trip easygoing!

Elliot F.

5June 2022

Great vehicle to drive, tons of storage space and very useful amenities included! Buster helped keep our tents and shelter attached to the ground during a windstorm in the festival and was very comfortable to sleep in at night. The lights and fan were nice to have inside, and worked great using just the solar panel. We were also able to keep all our devices charged using just the solar panel.

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Isabel L.

5May 2022

We had a blast exploring California for a week with Buster! It has a wonderful rustic charm, a great roof deck, tons of storage space for your things, and a comfortable bed. We made it from Yosemite to Joshua Tree to Big Sur, and Buster was an awesome way to experience those beautiful places. The host was responsive, and we had a great time! Recommendable experience :)

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Emily L.

5April 2022

Yan’s answer

Thank you Emily for the 5 stars I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!

Bria K.

5February 2022

Yan was a quick communicator and was kind enough to make trip suggestions. The cleanliness of the van was not what we had hoped for because there was hair all over the sheets and bed so we used our own bedsheets. We decided to wipe the surfaces down after that and our Clorox wipes were brown after we cleaned. Yan was kind enough to offer refund some money back and explained he had cleaners but not so sure they did anything to the van if that’s true. Mechanically the van worked fine and got us from point A to point B. The price we paid and what we got was really not worth it. $410 for 2 nights is better spent somewhere else (and the outdoor shower listed is just a bag you sit in the sun). Mostly like warmer tent camping with plugs. Still giving 5 stars because Yan was really kind and some people may not feel as meh about the van as we did.

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Heather T.

4January 2022

The trip started off a little rough as there was a mechanical issue. Within a day, we were able to get it worked out and back on the road. A bit bouncy, but a fun ride none the less. Many compliments about the vehicle and a very durable ride. We went through the rain and the desert. It’s great for rugged conditions. A great shield from the wind. The wood paneling and vintage school bus appeal makes it very insta worthy. The deck is awesome for star gazing and sunset/rise watching. If u park just right u can just watch from the bed too. Very dog friendly. The owner is on top of communication, very diligent with responses.

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