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Paul B.

0October 2022

Kevin Milam canceled the booking 1 day before departure. This is an automated posting.

Ivy J.

5August 2022

Kevin’s grayhawk mid-size RV was very comfortable for our group. Kevin was available if anything came up with the RV and would call us right away. We had a blast!

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James O.

5September 2021

Cheyenne S.

5August 2021

It was a great experience, I have rented the same kind of RV a couple years ago from a different owner and so many bad things happened. But there was nothing to complain about for Kevin’s RV. It drove fantastic, the generator worked just fine and the ac was very cold which came handy during the hot days in eastern Washington. Kevin was accommodating and fast at replying to any questions I had during the rental. Overall a perfect experience and I am happy to rent from him again!

Abraham W.

5June 2021

Kevin was an excellent host, very knowledgable and helpful. Vehicle was in very good condition, impeccable, safe, and comfortable. We absolutely loved our trip. The four kids and two adults slept very comfortably, enjoyed the road, and fell in love with RV travel--our first time, but definitely not our last.

Eva C.

4January 2021

Unfortunately our first night the rv broke down and we were left stranded at an rv park with no heat or light in the rv. The stove worked but it was a pretty cold day and night.
We were able to find a mechanic to come repair the broken fuse.
And outdoorsy customer service was very helpful and kept checking in on us as well as cover the mechanics initial cost in an easy way that did not require any paperwork or reimbursement.
Kevin, the RV owner did a decent job at staying in touch with us as well, though there was not much he could do with us being more than 300 miles away.
After this hiccup was dealt with the rest of the trip was pretty smooth.
The RV served its purpose. Very Covid friendly trip.
And it was a good value.
There were several small things that were broken on the rv that were a little frustrating.
The blinds were the biggest pain, the ones next to the dining table didn’t stay up so we had to figure out a way to prop them up so the kids could look out the window. A simple curtain could replace the broken blinds.
There were other small things that were not functioning well that didn’t make it or break it, but definitely felt like a few simple repairs would have made the RV more comfortable.

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Kim G.

5June 2020

We had a wonderful trip using Kevin’s rv. It was clean, easy to drive and Kevin replied quickly with answers to my questions. It was a great experience.

Victor A.

5July 2019

The 2011 Jayco Greyhawk was great for our group of 6, going to the Gorge Amphitheater. Kevin was easy to work with, and responded quickly. I would recommend this RV and renting from Kevin to others!

Sandra H.

5July 2019

This is a great RV. It has everything you need and Kevin is so easy to work with. I will rent again next year.

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Court G.

5June 2019

We had a great time using Kevin’s RV. Kevin was really chill and didn’t mind at all that we took the RV to the Gorge. It was really simple to take and bring back, just had to empty the tanks and fill the gas back up. First time using an RV and it was way easier than we were expecting. I have no experience driving such large vehicles and I drove it for over an hour. It was also really convenient that we could designate two people as drivers. We were never charged any extra fees either. Really fun experience that made our Gorge trip even better.

Michael F.

5September 2018

Kevin’s RV was great. It was easy to pick up and get on the road. The RV was just the right size for 4 adults for 4 days. It was clean and in good working order, except for the blinds which he is getting repaired. The rear and side cameras help in driving such a large vehicle. The kitchen had a few supplies, so we stopped to pick up only the additional cooking items we needed. We will definitely rent from Kevin again.

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Josh S.

5July 2018

Everything about the RV and Kevin was as great as we could ask for. The RV was in good shape and Kevin was great to work with. Our only regret is that we didn't pay attention to the detail of the listing that the RV is not outfitted with pots/ pans/ kitchenware. It was noted on the listing, but we didn't look closely enough to notice, so had to improvise a bit. We'd rent the exact same RV from Kevin again!

Jeremy G.

5July 2018

Great RV nice and clean. Slide outs make for a lot of room. Gas mileage was also pretty good. A few people chip in together and it's a no brainer camping trip. Thank you Kevin!

Deborah C.

5July 2018

Kevin was easy to work with. The 2011 greyhawk is beautiful and vary comfortable.

Michael T.

5June 2018

This RV was magnificent from head to tail. We enjoyed every aspect of it. It made our camping trip so much better. Kevin was very nice & communicative. We will definitely book with him again for our future trips in the area.

Robert M.

5April 2018

Kevin was amazing to work with! He was accommodating and quick to reply. It was a very professional experience on short notice. I highly recommend renting this RV :)