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Erika H.

5May 2023

Andrew is the best host here I assure you, he share the aloha spirit! The van is equipped with all the equipment needed for camping is also the cheapest option to enjoy Kauai. We had lots of fun around the island, we felt safe at night and slept comfortably. Thank you Andrew for being a great host.

Andrew’s answer

It was a pleasure to meet you both!! Safe travels!

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Salma C.

5April 2023

I loved the van and the whole experience of sleeping and driving around the island. I was traveling alone and I felt very safe. I highly recommend Kumu camp, very safe, with hot water and spot 7 in that campground is the best to see the sunrise. Andrew was a wonderful host. I will definitely book with him again on my next trip.

Ty S.

5March 2023

Andrew is amazing and so is the van. He really cares to make sure that you have a good time on the island and is available at any point for anything from travel tips to hike recs. He picked us up from the airport and brought us right back at the end of the trip.

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Steven L.

5March 2023

Andrew was an amazing host! The van was clean, everything worked and the amenities provided were top notch.

Theresa V.

5January 2023

Had a blast in the Mystery Machine.

Isabelle D.

5January 2023

Great Van !!! So confortable

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Jon A.

5December 2022

Loved the van and the reaction you get… only wish I’d dressed up as Scooby for the experience!

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Dean R.

5November 2022

What an absolute pleasure it was to spend our time in Kauai in the Mystery Machine. Andrew is a fantastic host and went above and beyond. A vast knowledge of the island and where to go, along with a great positive vibe.
The van itself was super fun and we had zero problems at all. We had so many people take photos of the van and wave along the way, that we felt like locals.

Manuel R.

5September 2022

Andrew is the best host for you! Always available and truly kind. The van is very practical and has what you need for your trip

Shauna R.

4September 2022

Andrew was an amazing host. Our trip around Kauai in the Scooby-Doo van was epic. Really enjoyed our days and nights. We had everything we needed and more. Andrew was super friendly with lots of Knowledge. If we needed anything he was always available. Beautiful trip!!!

Austin T.

4September 2022

Miaw Y.

5July 2022

I had an absolute blast with the Mystery Machine. Andrew was super helpful and kind - (thanks for rescuing me and the vehicle from the soft beach sand!)

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Trenton H.

5July 2022

Excellent van for seeing the entire island. So much better to have a vehicle to travel with and sleep in and so much cheaper. Just visiting from Oahu on a short three day trip. My wife and I slept at Salt Pond Beach after exploring all of Waimea Canyon. Then we slept at Lydgate Park after exploring all of the southern part of the island. And finally, we slept at Anini Beach after exploring all of the North and East side of the island. Everyone knows the van around the island and the kids love to point it out when it drives by. Andrew was an exceptional host with picking us up from the airport and dropping us off as well and even offered for us to use his shower if we needed.

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Scott D.

5July 2022

Andrew was a great host/owner. Very friendly, flexible, and accommodating. The van was a great value.

Carrie M.

5May 2022

We thoroughly enjoyed Andrew's van! Andrew was great to deal with, we would rent his van again without a doubt! The bed cushion is pretty thin, we would have taken our sleeping pads had we known. That's the only thing we would have changed!

Peter J.

5May 2022

A warning to anyone considering renting this van - only do so if you want a fantastic adventure filled with awe and wonder. Andrew and his mystery machine unlock secret codes to The Garden Island that will leave stoked to come back and discover more. Highly recommend this flamboyant ride. Aloha!

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