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Dave H.

1October 2022

I was not satisfied with this rental unit. The online pictures of the unit showed it to be in better condition than what it was. It certainly showed its age and use. The awning above the door was torn. The screen door would not lock onto the main door so I had to tie them together so they would act as one. When I arrived we first noticed the coffee maker still had coffee grounds in it with mold. When we ran the faucet to clean the basket there was a very moldy smell to the water as it exited. This went away after we ran the water awhile. We cleaned the basket but quickly discovered there was hot water for only 10-15 seconds. That didn’t change all weekend. Upon further review of the trailer we noticed sand on the sheets for the master bed and bunks. Fortunately we brought our own. The following morning we could not get the stove burners to light only to discover it had to be lit with matches. Also the trailer could not be locked from the outside so we had to keep our valuables locked in the car when we were visiting other campers.
The second night we lost all outlets in the trailer but still had lights. I sent a text to the owner but didn’t receive a response until the next day. Fortunately I was able to discover the problem which was not related to the trailer.
The third night we lost all heat. The pilot light was out. I discovered the valve on one of the propane tanks was partially open and the second one closed. I opened both valves and relit the pilot with a propane torch that was on-site. Again I sent a text to the owner but didn’t receive a response until the next day.
For my first camping trip with a rental I was very disappointed though the trailer was set up and connected when I arrived. There was no literature explaining any operation of the water system, stove, lights or toilet. I would have expected this for a rental unit to minimize the problems with discovering how to do it on your own. Next time I will look for a unit that is much newer even if it cost me more.

John S.

5September 2022

Our trip was great, Eric was so easy to work with.
He had the camper stocked with anything we needed and then some. I definitely recommend using Eric.

Pamela M.

2September 2022

Eric was nice enough but he delivered the RV hours late. It was a big disappointment: dirty, musty, moldy, wet and dirty carpet, dirty & gritty sheets, new towels that hadn’t been washed (still had price tags), leaky bedroom ceiling, mouse droppings and food residue in the dishes, etc. No power for outlets, microwave, or fridge. Lost food because fridge was cool at first but then became warm overnight and didn’t work afterwards. No key to lock door and screen door didn’t stay shut. Nights were cool so we started furnace- it blew out dust and mousy musty smell so we shut it off immediately and had to open the door and windows to air it out. One pillow for three people; water had a foul odor so we did not drink or cook with it; water pump made loud, obnoxious noise every time we used it. He did refund one night’s stay for the inconvenience but with the $100 delivery & $100 prep fee it hardly compensated for the frustration & inconvenience of not being able to use the bedroom because of dripping water, etc., etc. The sad thing is the 3 of us are seasoned campers and were “treating” ourselves to a “glamping” experience because of recent health issues. The dirt, mold and mouse droppings certainly were no treat! Eric really needs to up his standards otherwise I don’t see how Outdoorsy can continue with a good reputation.

Sarah M.

5September 2022

It was my family's first time ever camping, so I didn't really know what to expect! Eric was very nice and easy to communicate with. Arrived when we needed him to and set everything up. Everything about the camper was fine. At the time, the air conditioner wasn't working, but he had informed of us that. We also couldn't get the refridgerator or any of the wall outlets to work, but that could have been user error since we had never camped before.