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Hi, I am Lance Williams

1 RV

  • Camper Van
  • Provo
2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Sleeps 4
  •  Length 21ft
  • Instabook $117 per night

6 Reviews

March 2021

This van was wonderful! It was the perfect van for the trip. Clean, reliable and had all the amenities you could want. Lance was great as well, gave a thorough tour and was there to answering questions I had. I’d rate the whole experience a 10/10!

Aaron Oliver

February 2021

Lance's van is just too good to be true! It has everything a traveler would need: complete cookware, electric oven, portable propane stove, electric heater, electrical outlet, refrigerator, etc. It even had those we never thought of until we needed them, which were really sweet details, such as emergency food, band aids, phone charger, sandwich bags, just to mention some. Our trip wouldn't have be…

Cinthia Cheng

January 2021

Fantastic experience. The host was extremely responsive and helpful with planning, before and during our trip. We can't wait for another journey in this awesome van!

James Gagnon

November 2020

Awesome experience! Van has everything you need for a getaway. You’ll want to buy your own after staying in it

Sydney Rumple

December 2018

Lance was great to work with and very responsive. He answered a whole list of questions I had before booking. His sprinter is decked out, you could live out of it for weeks! It was perfect for our small family to have a nice weekend getaway in nature while still enjoying the amenities of a home. My only complaint is that the bed was a little short but I’m 6’3”.

Mckay Quinn

October 2018

Loved this van! It was our first time in a built out sprinter and we really enjoyed using it. Lance was so easy to communicate with and made sure everything was taken care of. Our goal is to build our own version of a boondock ready camper van and his had so many features we want. Fridge, toilet, cozy beds, great solar/battery system, and kitchen sink. The bed was too small for a 6'4" frame but we hacked it so it was NBD.