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Memories made on trips with Tara Teske's RVs

george N.

1August 2020

There is a reason no interior photos are posted. I will post some of the bathroom. The generator is broken so it has an exterior generator. I arranged for drop off for a stationary rental. RV was delivered 8 hours late without the generator. They did not contact us when they arrived. Just left the RV. No walk through. Returned at 1am with the generator. Night one (of 3) blown, it was 90 degrees, had to get a hotel. Next morning we couldn't get anything working. Owners did not respond to text or email until 6pm the next day. Night 2 blown, had to commit to the hotel by 2pm. Told them to just come get it, since it was disgustingly dirty inside and we wanted a refund. When they picked it up the next day they insisted on the delivery fee. They'd asked for cash which I later found out is against Outdoorsy policy. Now I'm stuck with another month wait for arbitration because they refused my refund request and apparently Outdoorsy is powerless to do anything. Although we never used it, I'm pretty sure the toilet flusher is broken as well. Those little black things in the photos are dead bugs.

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Pat M.

4August 2019

Had a great time! Tara went out of her way to make sure she had the motor home stocked with the basics. The motor home drove well and was comfortable for me and my wife to stay in. If you plan to be remote not hooked up to a campground connection you should let them know in advance so they can have the water tank full and the system ready. Many of our friends thought it was great and wanted to rent if for their special occasions.