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Zach L.

5September 2021

Helen was a fantastic travel companion on our trip to The Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Olympic National Parks! Allie was wonderful too, and gave us all the information and instruction we needed!

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Lissa F.

5September 2021

The van was awesome. Allie did great work renovating and building it out. Everyone who walked by us complimented the van. It ran great, and checking in and out was a breeze with Allie. she provided everything we could need and then some. She was super cool to deal with. Always had quick responses to my questions via text. We would definitely rent this van again if it is available.

Kevin K.

5September 2021

Helen was a dream to drive and live out of for our trip! So cozy she get like home away from home! And super easy to drive, highly recommended!

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Emilie P.

5August 2021

Helen was perfectly designed and exactly as described! Working with Allie was better than I could have hoped for and I’m grateful to have had this stress free experience. Definitely recommend and would book agin.

Danny S.

5August 2021

We had a great time and Allie was great to work with !!

Deborah C.

5July 2021

Amazing trip and loved Helen! She drove great and was exactly as described. Allison went above and beyond to help us and make this rental as smooth as possible! Thanks for sharing her with us for the week!

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Evan H.

5July 2021

Perfect. Everything was just perfect. Helen is a great van! Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to cook, easy to sleep, easy to store all the gear.
Allison was great to work with and her thoughtful touches to van really created a warm, inviting space. Highly recommended

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Valerie K.

0July 2021

Allison Vaandering canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Brittany M.

5June 2021

I had an amazing experience renting this tiny home on wheels. The bed was comfortable, stove easy to use, and fridge ice cold. The owner was very quick to respond with any questions I had. Overall - A great experience and one I consider myself lucky to have had.

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