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Lucy N.

5February 2023

We work with Mid Florida RV Rentals every year for our Thunder By The Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival here in Sarasota, FL. They do a great job and offer reasonable prices.

Brian S.

5January 2023

Phoebe S.

5January 2023

Excellent communication in the days leading up to and pick up of reservation. My scheduled RV did not pass inspection and I was immediately notified and given an upgrade. One note, if you drop off after hours you will need to have a vehicle inside the gate to activate the sensor. If not then someone will have to enter the code from the outside. There may be other ways to get out as I did not investigate further.

Jeff A.

5November 2022

Kelly was great, she explained everything related to the RV and made the entire experience seamless. The unit was clean and worked well, I strongly recommend Mid Florida RV to anyone wishing to rent an RV.

Jennica M.

4.5October 2022

Super friendly staff. RV was perfect for what we needed. Will definitely use them again!

Jack P.

5October 2022


James L.

5August 2022

Rented an RV for the first time. It was great!! Very helpful and friendly staff. We had no unexpected surprises! Highly recommend Mid Florida RV Rentals for your trips!!

Wendy S.

3.5July 2022

This is our second time renting an RV, both times from mid Florida RV rentals. Our experience last year with a much older RV was actually superior to our brand new RV experience this summer. The responsiveness and attention given to us as brand new RV users last year was fantastic. This year, it was difficult to even get the gate code to pull into the lot, let alone help answering questions about the function of the RV amenities.

Nahum R.

5June 2022

My wife and I Rented our first Rv for the first time! our whole trip was just an amazing experience for us and our four kids. Our family had so much fun that we want to do again some time. I really appreciate how patient and attentive Kelly and the whole team was towards us, they have such great customer service and having unlimited mileage was a bonus. I cannot wait for our next adventure we will definitely be using them again.

James C.

5December 2021

Devon K.

5November 2021

Jennifer H.

5November 2021

We had an excellent experience with our Class C rental from Mid Florida RV Rentals! This was our first RV rental experience. The staff was so helpful and went through how to use everything. I definitely recommend them and will use them for future excursions!


5October 2021

Also RV, we will rent again, good for family and friends. And the people there were great went over everything with me and made it real comfortable an understanding, thanks Mid FL RV family.

Jim S.

4.5August 2021

We had a very good experience with renting a 37-foot class A for a month from Mid-Florida. The coach performed well and they promptly addressed the few minor issues we had and were agreeable to compensating us for any inconveniences. I heartily recommend them.

Jack P.

5August 2021


Gary K.

1.5August 2021

As 1st time RVrs, we really felt "in the dark" through the entire rental experience and the trip itself. From the beginning, we rented a smaller RV but it was changed by the company to the much larger class A motor coach due to the smaller one "having too many miles for a long trip like ours from FL to CO." We appreciated this over the phone at first but definately not after even a 1/2 day into our trip. After the paperwork and payment was made over phone and pictures/videos seen online, we wanted to make the couple hour trip from our home to Tampa a couple of weeks before our trip to see the RV or one similiar, for ourselves. This was not made convenient to do so as they are not open weekends and close early evenings during the week, MAYBE due to reasons from the pandemic like so many other businesses? Ok, we can be patient with that right now so went ahead and rented sight unseen and now learned our lesson. After arriving at this business the morning of our trip, all loaded down with luggage and needed supplies for a 10 day excursion with a family of 5, we were greeted to a locked gate and were given no passcode to enter. After about 20 min. of waiting, (yes we called the number on our paper work to no answer and asked a nearby resident for help) we were lucky to meet up with a person storing their rv there who had the passcode to enter- WHEW! As we loaded the RV with all of our belongings, the gentleman there gave a rundown and walk through of everything on the RV while we were all being eaten alive by mosquitoes right on the lot. Going inside, the cosmetic wear and tear on cabinetry was quite visible. Before departure we asked at least 3 times if the "emergency contact #" provided us was truly accessible 24/7 while we were on the road for any problems/questions that arose. We were assured "yes" but found that not the case on the road. We did converse with them a few times but felt it was not reliable.
Now on the road. In a nutshell, Like riding a surfboard on the waves. We feel as novices, we really needed about a 30 minute test-run to get a feel for the details of maneuvering a beast like this. My husband and I feel we are closer now to earning trucking licenses. We felt every bump in the road and our 2 family members who deal with car sickness never had it so bad! The swaying was awful! Fortunately, no clean-ups were necessary from losing it but high stress the entire trip due to just not feeling safe nor comfortable with this rig. We also had to slow down our trip to have a mechanic fix the propane tank regulator. After using paper towels to clean up a couple of small food spills on the floor a 1/2 day into the trip, I discovered how filthy the floor was with caked in dirt throughout the unit. Grandma and I were looking forward to a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings without having to go into the truckstops... but we were provided with a coffee pot that was too big for the coffee maker. It was a good thing we had a roll of duct tape with us as we discovered that some of the cabinet doors fly open as the unit shimies and shakes down the road. We also observed quite a bit of wear on the inside of the front tires a day into the trip and felt the alignment was off.
All in all, we did what we could to make the best of things for a trip we all looked forward to. We will not be ones to recommend rental RV-ing in a unit of this size with this company.