Welcome to our vintage trailer rental business in the nation’s capital! Nomad Mobile Motor Lodge is a multidimensional business focused on bringing vintage travel trailer experience to a wider audience. With 19 trailers dating from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, we are focused on restoration, rather than reinvention. We love the vintage experience and we want to share it with you. We have 4 vintage Airstream trailers available for rent during the 2016-2017 off-season. We are also accepting reservations for all dates during the 2017 peak season. We are planning to add two additional trailers in the late spring of 2017, a 1958 Silver Streak Luxury Liner and a 1958 Airstream Traveler. Additional trailers are available for film, television and events. If you are interested in our restoration services feel free to get in touch, for a complete list of services visit our website, www.nomadmotorlodge.com What's vintage? For me, vintage is a trailer made before 1965 and so far my fleet dates from 1949-1964. All the trailers are restored, fully self contained, modernized and great to travel in. They look great, are polished and have completely new or restored interiors in period correct colors, fabrics and finishes. Whenever possible I reuse everything the trailer originally came with. So, if the appliances are restorable then I restore them; if cabinets are restorable I restore them - you get the picture. However, I do install new power systems, propane and plumbing to maximize all the best modern conveniences for you. We continually work on perfecting the trailers to keep them in tip-top shape and to work on upcoming ones for use in our 5,000 sq. ft workshop just outside the DC city line. Today, we have 4 vintage Airstreams available. By late fall 2016 we will have completed the restoration of a 1963 Airstream Safari and then in late Spring 2017 will will add our 1958 Silver Streak Luxury Liner (a big 31’ girl) to the fleet. Our plan is that by spring 2017 we will have 6 fully functional trailers. In total we have on hand 16 vintage trailers, 8 Airstreams and 8 SOBs (that's a reference to some other brands if you haven't heard it before :-)). What do we offer? We offer these trailers to be used anywhere they can be towed! For first timers we recommend staying close to home, within 125 miles of the city. We are happy to tow the trailers for you, set them up and come pick them up with your are finished. Of course we prefer if you go through our 3 hour training program and then tow the trailer yourself. We have a small collection of tow vehicles available for rent. We will stock your trailer and tow it to your preferred location: a campsite, private residence, corporate setting or wherever you prefer. We also have agreements with private property owners to host our trailers for people who want to camp next to the Chesapeake Bay, on a tributary of the Potomac River or on the Northern Neck of the Potomac in Virginia. Our most exciting news is our new property in New Mexico! We have a beautiful property in the Jemez Mountains about 40 miles from either Albuquerque or Santa Fe. On a limited basis we are accepting reservations for guests during the camping season in 2017. Please check out our website for additional information about the property and what we plan to offer there. Of note, however, is that any of the trailers or tow vehicles shown here can be taken to New Mexico for you to rent. The minimum rental for these special excursions will be be 10 days. For additional information about our private property offerings visit our website at www.nomadmotorlodge.com How do we make it so easy? We set the trailer up for you, do a comprehensive orientation of the functions you need to know and then walk away for you to enjoy it! We'll even come back and pick up when your vacation or event is finished. It is simple, easy and as much of a work-free experience for you as possible. We can locate the trailer within a day, so 24 hours notice is all we need. Why wait? There's just so much robust camping in and around the nation’s capital with an endless amount of places to visit. It is one of the most underserved regions for RV travel in the country but we are doing our best to open the door to all the experiences DC camping has to offer.

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