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Memories made on trips with Team Sand Highway RV's RVs

Eugenia C.

5October 2022

Really good rental

Danny R.

5July 2022

Shawn G.

5July 2022

Our experience with the Sand Highway team and the RV we rented was great. The staff was easy to work with, did a great job of explaining how the RV worked, and made the rental experience easy and smooth. The return review was also fast and seamless. The RV was just the right size for our trip to Colorado and everything worked well.

4 Photos submitted by Shawn G.

Adam G.

5July 2022

The RV was great, ran well and had plenty of power climbing the mountains of Colorado!! Everything worked great. Team Sand was awesome and we will definitely use them again!!

Brandon D.

2June 2022

Unfortunately this trip started off bad and never really got any better. The initial staff at sand highway was polite and had the trailer ready upon arrival. The trailer initially was listed as a 24ft travel trailer which I selected for the size of my truck. Now my inexperience did not notice the size difference. However their staff fitted my 1/2 ton truck with a hitch and ani sway bar. And sent me on my way after a walk through. In town the unit pulled perfect. Upon getting home to pack we noticed a very rancid smell we thought was from the a/c having just turn on we payed it no mind. Once on the freeway however there was a very scary problem. The 24 ft trailer was actually 29ft plus and would not stay behind the truck. The trailer swayed outside the lanes and I was forced to drive no more than 50mph. This made for a continued fight to keep the trailer in line and safe for the two plus hour drive to our destination. Once there we noted the smell again ! It was later discovered the rancid smell of rotted something was coming from the refrigerator any time it turned on the keep cool. Needless to say this made spending any time inside the camper near impossible. And insult to injury the smell was worse anytime we prepared a meal as the fridge was being opened more causing it to run. It was so bad I even attempted to stuff dryer sheets in the vent to help mask the smell but no such luck. We also noticed that the door to the trailer would not close properly and in fact some point in the night the door actually came open. My wife found it halfway open the next morning when she woke up. The trip home was just as stressful with the trailer and the added wind was no help either.

Casey F.

5June 2022

This trailer is part of a fleet of rentals at Sand Highway RV Rental. Everyone was very professional from start to finish. The process was very detailed and the instructions were clear. Great communication and great product.
I loved renting this trailer. The rear drop down door was perfect to have open during a light afternoon rain shower up in the mountains. The kids loved napping on the drop down bed during the rain.
I have a 1/2 ton half ton truck that is allowed 9,000 lbs towing. The truck has air bags in the rear to prevent sag. And I have an electric brake controller installed under my dash. It pulled nicely, but it is the most I would want to pull behind my truck. And I am an experienced puller. I drove my normal sized electric golf cart inside the trailer and made sure that the weight was slightly in front of the trailer axles. Drove up to the Rim area with no water in the tanks and my truck was working pretty hard. I did have 2 large coolers filled and enough luggage for 3 people. I guess I was at 7,300 lbs going to camp and 8,300 coming down from camp because i filled the 100 gallon fresh tank at the site and did not dump any of it before we left the campsite.
We had a great trip.

James G.

5June 2022

Great experience, sand highway had everything ready and super organized, would definitely recommend and rent from them again.

Deena K.

5November 2021

The pickup was thorough, professional and friendly. Our daughter and her family loved the trailer and the four of them were more than comfortable. We spent 8 nights traveling from Scottsdale to Zion, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving.

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Ryan H.

5February 2021

Love sand highway! They make it so easy and convenient!


5September 2020

Page was very helpful in renting this RV after we had a last minute cancellation from another owner. She was awesome and took care of everything. Toby did a great job explaining everything on the RV when we arrived. We will rent from them again. The RV was just as it was listed and had everything we needed for a weekend getaway to the mountains.

Bob K.

5June 2020

Great people to work with

Elijah A.

0November 2019

Team Sand Highway RV canceled the booking 5 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Randy H.

5November 2019

The best in the Valley as always. Staff is top notch and rental equipment very well maintained.

Christopher R.

5October 2019

Great experience

Nick P.

5June 2019

Excellant service and very friendly staff. I will be using them again in the near future.

Shawn S.

5April 2019

I have rented from them numerous times and keep coming back. Great equipment, and great people.