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Paul H.

5July 2021

Fryda G.

2April 2021

We were sent on our way with a van couldn’t handle the cold temperatures overnight and was very uncomfortable to sleep in. We didn’t sleep all night and returned the van early one day as a result. We would have happily gotten warm sleeping bags or a sleep buddy if y’all had recommended it. We thought the insulation would be enough. When we returned it we didn’t even ask for a refund but Christina said over and over again that there wouldn’t be a refund. It just felt uncomfortable.

Pam R.

5April 2021

It was great, even with 12 hours of rain the Van made camping easy.

Cheryl B.

4April 2021

It was fun to have the van. There were a couple of things that did not work perfectly, but it was a sweet comfortable space overall and it made our travels much more fun and comfortable.

Mark H.

4.5December 2020

We had a great experience, but a couple of the details were amiss when we compare it to our last experience. The stove was out of gas. (Fortunately we had our own stove and gas.) There were no spare batteries and some of the batteries were dead in the van. Also, the windows were broken when we picked up the van. It wasn't a big issue, but annoying while driving and drafty at night.

Suzanne E.

5October 2020

Great experience! Staff was helpful and quickly responsive to my questions. The van was packed with everything needed for the trip, except food of course. The van itself was comfortable to drive. This was a great way to take a trip during COVID. The van was clean and when I asked, I was provided with their cleaning protocol between customers.

Charlotte H.

5October 2020

We had such an amazing experience in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in our Scamper Van. The warmth and comfort of the van at night and during meal prep was incredible! It was an adventure to remember!

Lindsey K.

5September 2020

Amazing van that came with all the bells and whistles, we didn’t need to bring anything but clothes and food! It drives great, has plenty of room for anything you would need to bring with you, & is just such a great van. Would rent again!

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Lila B.

5August 2020

We had such a great time in the sCAMPer Van! Two weeks driving from Shenandoah National Park, down the Blue Ridge Parkway, to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was a dream.

Jo A.

5June 2020

We had a great experience with ScamperVan and look forward to renting again in the fall. Our van was as described- Adam was a big help.

Susanne Y.

5November 2019

the van and everything about it was just so pleasurable that I just don't have the words!!!!!

Dabney H.

4November 2019

It was not clean and not well stocked. We should have gotten better direction of what to bring.

Savanna O.

5September 2019

My friend and I rented a sCAMPer Van while attending a music festival in Georgia, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience! We were the envy of all our camp mates and people couldn’t helped but stop to peek inside our cozy home for the weekend. The van made it so much easier and way more enjoyable to camp at the festival grounds. The best part is, no RV hook up or power needed! Everything in the van is battery powered(head lamps, string lights, lanterns, fans)and you’re provided a solar powered generator, as well as a butane stove, five gallon pump sink, a large Otter Box cooler, and much more. These vans are the perfect solution for travelers who want to pack light but still get the full camping experience with all the amenities this amazing company provides. You name it, they’ve most likely got it in the van ready and waiting for you. It takes away all the hassle of packing and planning and is so stress free. I highly recommend renting one and seeing for yourself. The customer service was great and David was more than accommodating to all our needs, not to mention super cool and down to earth. The one downfall to this company is they’re currently only located in Asheville, NC. and Atlanta, GA. So I am definitely hoping they expand up the East Coast soon!

Susan T.

4April 2019

5 stars! Everyone was easy to deal with and happy to work with us to maximize our enjoyment.

Erin M.

5February 2019

Amazingly clean van with all the things you need in it to have a fun time. We accidentally left some of our things in the van and David and his team were amazing at getting it back to us. Their customer service is outstanding and we can't wait for them to operate out of Asheville. We also wrote a full review of the experience. To read more, head on over to

Cheryl K.

5November 2018

We were so impressed with the whole rental process and the helpfulness of the company in planning our trip! The Scamper Van was everything we needed and wanted. Great

Ryan M.

5November 2018

What a wonderful experience. Rented the van to drive to a music festival in Florida. It couldn't have worked out better. More amenities than we could hope to use. Kept us dry on a rainy Florida night. Pickup and drop off were a breeze. Cannot wait to come back and rent the van again! Cheers! Ryan

Mark L.

5September 2018

The van was great. The service, drop off, pick up, details of everything in the van, all were outstanding. Easy to drive and use and camp in. We'd definitely do this again.

Joel M.

5September 2018

Great service! Van is nicely equipped!

Maria V.

5August 2018

Conveniently dropped of and picked up at my house by the company.
The van was very well equipped with tools, conveniences, fans, flashlights, toiletries, kitchen utensils, etc
The bed is firm and super comfortable. Very cheerful and cozy decoration! The cooler and universal/multi charger were state of the art! Many more details that I could mention, but I'd run out of space.
It drives well, it's easy and safe. All in all, a great experience!