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Katie M.

5August 2021

I had an enjoyable experience with both this company and this vehicle. There was only one minor mechanical issue (something related to the gas tank and the car false starting right after you fill it) and she felt solid to drive. All the tech (in the back and under the hood) worked as expected, although the fridge did struggle to stay cold on the hotter days (+94 degrees outside). It was incredibly convenient for travels and the business staff were prepared and very informational/kind. The windshield had a large crack in it when I picked it up, and that made me nervous and was not communicated to me prior to arriving to pick it up, but it luckily didn't spread while I had it. This was my first experience with a camper van and it was a pleasure, overall!

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Nancy N.

5August 2021

Had such a great time with this campervan
Had everything needed, great thoughtful touches throughout, was easy to use and super comfy. I was super impressed!!

Amanda M.

5July 2021

We had the transit connect campervan for 8 days traveling around Colorado. It was our first campervan experience and we had a blast. We had everything we needed, including a small fridge, chairs, table, dishes/utensils, and stove. Discover Campervans made it easy to do pick up and drop off that was close to the airport. The owners started from the ground up and have a inspiring story of how they got started. Would recommend to anyone thinking of traveling campervan style.

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Kristen E.

4January 2021

This was such a cute little van, took us to Moab just fine!! It is definitely smaller, but does the job well. It got to 0 degrees at night and we were still warm with the comforter. The brakes are squealing a little, and the clearance is very low (no off-roading or big bumps) but as long as you stay on paved paths you should be good. The only two additions I would add to the van would be little cubbies/baskets above the counter to put keys, pens, various small things and a small floor mat near the cooler for entering/exiting and not tracking dirt in the vehicle. Otherwise, awesome find!! :)

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Morgan H.

5November 2020

Hello! We had a great experience renting from Discover Campervans.

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lindsay C.

4October 2020

Good overall experience as the owners were very responsive with any questions I had. I rented the smallest of the vans as it was just me a female traveling alone I suggest a few extra security features such as more manual interior locks on the doors but overall good build. Pricing is similar to rental cars but the unlimited mileage is what was the main selling point for me since I wanted to explore multiple areas. Gas was great & it was easy to drive but I had not realized how low the clearance of the van is... I took the van for dispersed camping & many routes of my trip had to be changed last minute due to me not realizing the van clearance would be as low as it was, had a door malfunction and then a snow storm cut the last day of my trip short so I ended up paying for a day I didn't use. SUPER warm comforter & did not need to run the propane heater as the van heater warmed up the entire van nicely. One of the speakers of the van was out so I was super happy I brought a portable speaker...overall good experience for me! Highly suggest asking lots of questions/possibly viewing the van beforehand and planning before taking a trip throughout Colorado so that you do not have unexpected surprises. Many lessons learned from this trip, would never take the small van in winter snow.. Nonetheless, an amazing experience and would still recommend doing business with Kayla & Christian again.

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Meghann G.

3October 2020

We were a bit disappointed with our rental. This van has seen better days (broken visor, broken glove compartment, "seat" in back would not stay latched), the windshield wipers did not work, and as much as I appreciate "included roadside assistance", there is no spare tire and, often, when traveling in a CAMPER van, you don't have the luxury of cellphone service. The van was also a bit dirty, we found a dirty thong and old water bottle from previous renters. In terms of comfort, the mattress pad is nice but this really isn't a comfortable rental for two people (unless you want to bunk up dorm-room style in a twin size bed, I'd look for something a bit bigger if traveling in a pair). Unlimited milage was nice.

Discover’s answer

We rely a lot on feedback from our renters to know what they like and don't like so we make sure we offer the best experience possible! Thank you for letting us know about the details around the van - we immediately fixed those upon your return. We have a rigorous cleaning policy between renters but we're sorry we missed a hard to see item in a hard to reach spot. This will definitely never happen again! I'm glad you pointed out this is a cozy fit for 2 people as this is our smaller and cheaper model. If anyone prefers a lot more space, go with our Ram Promaster which is our larger model. We are glad you were able to take advantage of our unlimited miles and we hope you enjoyed your trip through beautiful Colorado!

Kara D.

5October 2020

Van is exactly as described. Cozy and reliable van. Equipped with everything one needs. Two call outs that raise Discover up over competitors. First, staff is VERY responsive. No matter my question or time of day, I was helped promptly and kindly. Second, the unlimited mileage they offer made my trip possible. So many companies charge per mile making it insanely expensive to travel the national parks. Mileage was included in the cost at Discover. I had a great experience and recommend Discover Campervans!

Discover’s answer

Hi Kara! It was so special you could take this family trip and we are so happy you had a great time! We can't wait to get you on the road again soon!

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Edward D.

5August 2020

Fun, easy to drive, friendly staff. Very clever design.

Emily M.

5July 2020

Loved dealing with Discover! They're very communicative and flexible on the pick up and the drop off. I loved that they asked for feedback on the van after I rented it! I used the Ford Transit, which worked well and was economical on gas, and fit on all the roads I took it on. The bedding provided uses a twin fitted sheet, so it was perfect for traveling solo! The cooking equipment provided and storage space available were all great. Finally, the biggest reason for me to choose Discover is the unlimited miles, I think I did a thousand miles in 5 days! I will 100% be renting from them again.

Harrison B.

4July 2020

Christian is a wonderful host, very responsive and helpful in giving us suggestions for our trip and providing quick and accurate answers to my questions. The van was mechanically sound however we were disappointed that the fold out bed collapsed during our trip. Christian was very understanding about this and did not charge us to fix the issue as it appeared to be due to ineffective installation in our opinion.

Discover’s answer

Hi Harrison,
Thank you for your review. I'm so happy to hear that you guys enjoyed your trip!
I'm really sorry about the bed. We've have fixed it and further reinforced it to make sure this doesn't happen again.
It was great hosting you!
- Christian