2020 Bunkhouse Thor Chateau 31EV

4 reviews


Rod B.

May 20214

Had a couple of issues that Jerry was on the phone and worked with us to resolve them. The rig had a few more miles on it than I thought it would have but it was fine.

Josh J.

September 20203

The RV is nice but starting to show signs of its use. If you look at the calendar it’s was booked almost everyday this spring and summer. Lance and Jerry are nice and quickly respond to you. I had a mechanical issue with the RV during our trip that could have been avoided. Fortunately I was able to fix the issue (new battery) with no impact, and a lot of time and money saved for the owners. I lost almost 1/2 a day on my trip to fix this issue and all that was offered was reimbursement for the part and a thank you. If the tables were turned and they lost half a day, you can be certain they would charge you.

Trailhead ’s answer

This RV is a 2020 model with less then 25K miles on it. The battery the renter replaced which we paid for was only 6 months old. Upon return we tested it and the battery he replaced was in perfect working order. We offered to send out a repair person to address his issue so that Josh would not be inconvenienced, however he declined. Anytime a renter has an issue that impacts their trip this is always our policy. He inaccurately diagnosed the battery as a problem and offered to replace it which we agreed to pay for. We also gave him a free late return time for his trouble which he took advantage of. Disappointing to see him misrepresent the story.

Jaron W.

July 20205

Our experience renting from these folks was excellent! Very good with communication and was very workable with our changing plans. The RV was very comfortable and accomodating for our family of 7. Would definitely rent from them again.

Marco P.

March 20205

Great RV and owner!! Would 100% rent from them again. Beautiful interior and great appliances.