31 Footer Class C - Drivable or Delivered

Class CBlue Hill, ME
4 seatbeltsSleeps 531 ftYear 2006

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We love traveling to visit grand kids!
We cherish a weekend get-away to the ocean!
If you're serious about renting our RV then please fully read the section below "Owner Rules & Policies"

Enhanced clean

Outdoorsy guidelines

Your safety and health is key. This host has committed to a thorough cleaning regimen informed by CDC guidelines.

Class CRental #294972

We cherish our 31 foot 2006 Class C RV and are willing to share it with certain families who agree to read the section below under "Owner Rules & Policies". Not all RV's are the same as each has certain ways to set it up.

  • Sleeps: 5 guests
  • Seats: 4 seatbelts
  • Fresh water tank: 30 gallons
  • Fuel: Gas

Owner rules

  • Pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • Tailgating not allowed
  • No smoking

- We've found that most RV's have some quirks.
- Please read this section before asking to rent RV.
- Return RV will full tank of Fuel (Regular Gas)
- If more than 10 pounds of propane are used, then please fill up or we'll deduct from deposit.
- There is a Setup Guide on the table providing troubleshooting and further information.
- Remember your RV is 11 feet high and 8.5 feet wide. There are bridges and places in Acadia National Park where this RV isn't allowed, like up Cadillac Mountain! Please see Park's website about visiting Cadillac https://www.nps.gov/acad/planyourvisit/vehicle_reservations.htm
- There are "Reminder Bands" stored in the drive's door cubby to wrap around RV steering wheel so you don't move RV and forget to put down antenna, raise rear leveling jacks, etc.
- Use backup camera and side mirrors when backing up.
- Keep in mind the RV is not a car and speed limit signs are engineered for larger rigs especially at corners. Take turns wider than your would in a car hugging center line when making a right turn, etc.
- Emergency Brake MUST be set before using Slide-Out.
- Check both sides of slide-out to make sure nothing got stored behind table seat or drivers seat.
- When bringing slide in make sure drivers seat is pulled up.
- Slide only works when engine is running or RV plugged into "Shore Power"
- "Shore Power" is when the RV is plugged into a campsite outlet
- Don't stand on the arms of seats to reach into over-cab area, please use ladder.
- Satellite Dish and TV Antenna are disconnected (No TV signal in this area anyway <grin>)
- No smoking or vaping or incense burning... (A few candles are ok) The owners have sensitive allergies.
- Only one adult should sleep in the cab-over area or two to three children are fine.
- The awning can be tricky and should not be used during extreme wind. See Guide to setup.
- The hot water works either using propane or electricity. So going down the road turn on switch to use propane. Turn off switch when plugged in to "Shore Power" so you don't deplete propane. Switch is located on wall by frig and says "Water Heater"
- The refrigerator also cools using propane or electricity. The LED "On" status on the frig needs to be checked periodically. If you see a blinking green then it's not cooling. Move switch to off then to Auto and check in a few minutes to make sure it's solid green. This usually happens when you unplug and start using propane or you plug into shore power or you start up the RV. The Cold to Coldest range is set at 4. If you forget then the frig won't cool/freeze.
- Seatbelts are located under couch and at table benches. To retrieve couch seat belts pull out front edge board to see underneath. To retrieve table bench seatbelts take off seat cushion and remove wood hatch.
- If one of the outlets won't work. First check the "Outlet Tester" which is plugged into the GFI outlet by RV door. If you don't see two LED's then reset GFI button at that outlet by pressing the reset side. See Guide for more assistance.
- Septic hose is stored in third cargo bay from Driver's Side.
- Water hoses and filter are stored in second cargo bay from Driver's side.
- 30 Amp Electric Cable is stored in very last small lower door Driver's Side.
- Fuel Tank Fill spout is located Driver's Side very last small upper door. Use key. Regular Gas is fine.
- To use toilet gently use foot to press lever (on the front of the toilet) half way down to allow water to partially fill bowl. Pressing lever all the way down empties. Use sprayer to clean toilet as needed.
- When septic hose is connected to campsite cleanout we recommend not leaving black water valve open as liquids run out and solids clog tank and hose. So leave black water closed until about 1/2 or more full. It's fine to leave grey water valve open unless your dumping black water then keep greywater valve close to prevent black water from going into grey water tank.
- The shower when turned off will still drip water for some time so don't over tighten valves thinking it's not off.
- The RV door shade if pulled down too far will get 'stuck'. See Guide
- Move RV windows can be used for exits in case of an emergency just slide screen. It's quicker though to exit via the door.
- To use the generator you must plug the 30 amp into outlet where power cable is located. See guide.
- The heat and cooling system works as thus: Use up & down buttons to set desired temperature. There are three buttons on the thermostat located on the wall behind the table bench. The left button when set to AUTO will automatically turn fan on depending on the temp. When button is set to ON the fan will constantly stay on no matter the temp. The middle button when set to COOL will turn the air conditioner on. When this button is set to OFF then both heat & A/C system is off. When the middle button is turned to GAS HEAT, the propane heater floor system will turn on based on temp settings. When button is set to ELEC HEAT then the ceiling vents will blow warm air. The right button sets the fan speed to LO or HI. We've found that HI will sometimes blow the breaker depending on your "Shore Power" amperage.
- There is a power inverter that can be used while driving down the road to get 110 volts. It's outlet is located inside the cupboard to the right of the microwave. This outlet is controlled by the inverter panel located over the microwave.
- Inside the RV door to the left is a Step Switch. In the ON position the step moves in and out as the door is opened & shut. Leave OFF, cause when the RV is running the step will automatically move.
- Also below the Step Switch is an AUX BATT switch. Leave this OFF as it allows the Auxiliary "House" batteries to be used and charged up. The ON is for long term storage like over the winter.
- If it's windy outside and the RV door is open please use bungie in nearby cargo bay to keep door from being damaged.
- In the rare chance that the RV won't start because the battery goes dead. There is a jump/boost button to the left of the steering wheel. Turn the key as you press this button.
- Please don't climb on the roof unless absolutely necessary.


  • Daily$165.00 /night
  • Weekly$165.00 /night0% discount
  • Monthly$165.00 /night0% discount
Minimum stay
2 nights
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
Learn more about Roadside Assistance
Prep fee
This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing RV. Items include dish soap, paper towels, cloth dish towels, 2 bars of soap, 4 rolls of toilet paper, bedding.
100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.55 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
4 free generator hours per day If you exceed the included hours you will be charged $0.00 per hour.

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Enhance your trip

  • If tanks not fully emptied.

  • If you need a HP LaserJet P1006 with USB cable to use, includes paper

  • Will pick you up at the Bangor Airport and meet up there at the end of your rental


This rental has a 2 night minimum.
May 2022
31 Footer Class C - Drivable or Delivered


Have a question?Get answers directly from the owner

Q.What flexibility is available for picking up and dropping off the RV?
Very Flexible. If your destination is not Blue Hill where the RV is located we can meet you in Ellsworth which is the Gateway to Acadia National Park and the Bar Harbor area. Blue Hill is about 20 minutes from Ellsworth so this saves you time in picking up RV.

Q.How do the electric, water and sewage hook up work while setting up at the campground?
Electrical supply is 30 amps & is located driver's side all the way back in lower access compartment (See Help Guide). Make sure breaker is turned off while plugging and unplugging RV. Supplied water hose connects to Driver's Side of RV just past the slide out. Don't over tighten. Hose has a pressure valve to control excessive water pressure. Septic & Grey water drain hose located in compartment just under fresh water connection. Best to only open grey water side - right valve. (See Help Guide)

Q.Will you deliver RV to campground?
Yes, and we will set it up for you all ready to use! See the Add-On Section for pricing.

Q.How do I level the RV?
First off, this takes practice so don't feel bad if it takes some time to level RV. You know you're level when water in the kitchen sink is evenly dispersed. There are leveling planks in the slide-out cargo bay to drive the RV on. Don't stack any higher than two, as planks will slip. Park RV on the most level spot at campsite. Find orange right-angled level inside cargo bay by main door. With door open place level on inside steps. What does it take to make it level? (See Help Guide)