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Kathleen B.

September 20205

The RV was compact, easy to drive and had great gas mileage. Amy was concerned and caring. Her father gave us great ideas of where to go and advised us to purchase warm hats and gloves.

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Jarard M.

August 20205

Overall had a great time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton with Amy's Nissan camper van.

Steve C.

July 20205

Loved everyone second my wife and I had in this van. As advertised, very well thought out. Perfect for cruising around and exploring. Very comfortable bed. Highly recommend!

Kathryn M.

June 20205

Amy was great to work with and we loved "Vanna White"! Very thoughtful on what all was included in the van (plates, paper towels, bear spray, etc). The bed was very comfortable. I do wish that we could have rented the vehicle for less that 5 nights. However, would rent again!


October 20195

My experience with Amy was great from start to finish. She is super responsive, professional and pleasant to work with. Pickup and dropoff was a breeze. The van runs great, and is equipped with all of the basics you'll need for your camping needs. The bedding is super comfy and warm; kept us nice and cozy when the temps dipped below freezing.

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William W.

September 20195

All necessary supplies for camping were provided. The down covers kept us warm while ice developed on the windshield. We had a great trip traveling through Yellowstone National Park.

Mark D.

August 20194

The campervan was awesome! It came with lots of extras that were super handy. The bed was pretty high which allowed for lots of storage space for bags and clothes and materials.

Jayne B.

July 20195

Wonderful communication, great vehicle, pick up/drop off very smooth!

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Christopher S.

July 20195

Ok look there are dozens of operations with bigger travel vans and more recognizable advertisements but but don’t fall for it. I’m 6’2” and this van was everything I needed it to be. The owners met us at the airport shared their story and listened to ours. This van is way tougher than it looks and the right space is exactly what you and you significant other needs! True there is no heat but the fan and body heat is the bond you need when camping. There was bear spray, cooking equipment, bedding and seating that tells me the owners have used this vehicle for this purpose. I may not recommend this for a family but if you’re simply a couple looking to explore.....this is for you!!!! It is perfect. No height or width requirements will keep you out of parks you want to see. Mpg is reasonable and the you’ll get anywhere you want to be!!!! Added bonuses is supporting local people with a shared interest in sharing their hometown. Great people, great country and great memories. Don’t pass on the opportunity!!!!!! You came here to see the sights and grow closer to your loves. This is your vehicle.

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