BaseCamper 4x4 Adventure Machine XL

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Kevin S.

0August 2021

LEAVE LEAVE ! DO NOT RENT HERE. This man is no help at all and rents his vans just to make money off of you. We had nothing but problems with it, fridge broke down, no fridge at the end of the trip and we lost all our groceries inside, we had to buy a new cooler, all the locks were half dead, very difficult to open or close all the doors of the van, and at the end of the trip, the transmission broke down. We asked for help, assistance but he was very little or not present at all to help us, we had to manage as we could with the assistance (insurance). Insurance that you take thinking that you are covered, except that in reality, only the displacement of a technician is covered but not at all the repairs. His van is very poorly maintained, we were stuck on the side of the road all day waiting for the tow truck, we arrived at 1:30 am at his place, not a hello, excuse me for what happened, he did not care, not a commercial gesture from him, he told us to leave the keys and go back to bed quickly. On top of that, we called the insurance company to explain to them and to be compensated, Jacob said that he was going to make a gesture towards us for what happened and he never did anything of course. He is a crook, a thief.
Another thing is that Jacob, the owner, always deletes his google page to remove bad reviews from his customers and recreates one. What he doesn't know is that I work for a Google Premier Partner agency and I will gladly put my reviews back up every week if I have to so that you, the next customers, won't be in the same situation as us.

Base’s answer

hey Kevin, I would like to address a few things here.

Yuriko H.

5June 2021

Jacob's camper van has provided us with the most comfortable camping experience ever :) Thanks Jacob and Hannah for your help, we had an awesome trip!

Base’s answer

Thanks Yurkio, you and your daughters were wonderful! glad you had a great trip!

Kerrie P.

1.5June 2021

We did expect that the camper would be better maintained than it was. We had trouble with the electrical system. The camper battery does not charge while driving, and it shook loose so that it also didn't charge when plugged in. Also, the water tasted awful, one of the very old roof vents blew off, many of the locks did not operate, the rear step fastening was a hassle and the camper was not very clean when we got it. We chose not to put bikes on the rear rack because the extension makes it very unstable. On the plus side, the owner was very responsive and brought a battery from Calgary to our campsite. The layout was also very livable.

Base’s answer

Kerrie, when you picked up the camper it was on a rainy day, the camper was immaculate until you tracked mud in with your bikes that you refused to mount to a rack on the back. You claim it was unstable but in fact you never even tried it, your husband said that you preferred to keep the bikes inside because “the bikes are worth more than the truck” this comment was a bad sign from the start. You took the camper out in severe conditions and broke things which i did not make you pay for. The rear steps were set up that way because you requested them to be and the electrical problem was caused by you refusing my advice on how to operate the unit even though you were inexperienced with rv’s. I drove two and a half hours out of my way to help you out of a bind you caused yourselves by ignoring the information I gave you. I also provided you with a backup generator free of charge. Your husband was determined to not have a good time from the beginning and made statements during pickup and when I helped you through your struggles that were both arrogant and unhelpful. Even when I tried to talk him through the simple solutions to the problems you encountered he stated that he didn’t understand how it worked but then proceeded to tell me what was wrong, incorrectly I must add. When he tired himself out I told him again what was wrong and when he finally listened it solved your problem in each instance. During this whole experience I was friendly, solution oriented and professional, I did not show my discontent with you for one second and helped you to the best of my ability. I cannot sympathize with this review when the following three rentals have been met with wonderful reactions without any alterations to the machine. On the plus side You we’re very kind in the wake of your husbands arrogance and I am sorry that you had a bad time in one of my campers. However this review is an unfair representation of the rental experience.

Jamie F.

5June 2021

Jacob was excellent, responsive, helpful and flexible. He really went the extra mile and was able to bring the RV to my neighborhood and pick it up as well. We did have a battery issue with the RV and he had a temporary solution and then drove a new battery out to our campsite to fix the problem.