Joshua Tree, CA RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$250 / Night
02011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
12011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
22011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
32011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
42011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
52011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
62011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
72011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
82011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
92011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
102011 Blue Ridge  Banning, CA
$375 / Night
005 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
105 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
205 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
305 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
405 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
505 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
605 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
705 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
805 Krauss Providence  Banning, CA
$409 / Night
006 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
106 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
206 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
306 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
406 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
506 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
606 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
706 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
806 Tanners Discovery  Banning, CA
$375 / Night
006 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
106 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
206 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
306 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
406 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
506 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
606 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
706 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
806 Jorgenson Sports Coach  Banning, CA
$250 / Night
02013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
12013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
22013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
32013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
42013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
52013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
62013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
72013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
82013 Dutchman Voltage  Banning, CA
$449 / Night
006 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
106 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
206 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
306 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
406 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
506 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
606 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
706 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
806 Country Coach Inspire  Banning, CA
$175 / Night
02017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
12017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
22017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
32017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
42017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
52017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
62017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
72017 White Hawk  Banning, CA
$429 / Night
0Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
1Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
2Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
3Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
4Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
5Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
6Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
7Tschann 07 Providence  Banning, CA
$250 / Night
02011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
12011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
22011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
32011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
42011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
52011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
62011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
72011 Chapparel  Banning, CA
$295 / Night
02011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
12011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
22011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
32011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
42011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
52011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
62011 Damon Daybreak  Banning, CA
$449 / Night
008 Ambassador HR  Banning, CA
108 Ambassador HR  Banning, CA
208 Ambassador HR  Banning, CA
308 Ambassador HR  Banning, CA
408 Ambassador HR  Banning, CA
$239 / Night
02016 Forester  Banning, CA
12016 Forester  Banning, CA
22016 Forester  Banning, CA
32016 Forester  Banning, CA
42016 Forester  Banning, CA
52016 Forester  Banning, CA
$250 / Night
02013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
12013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
22013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
32013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
42013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
52013 Heartland Torque  Banning, CA
$141 / Night
02011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
12011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
22011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
32011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
42011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
52011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
62011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
72011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
82011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
92011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
102011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
112011 Heartland Sundance  Banning, CA
$242 / Night
02011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
12011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
22011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
32011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
42011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
52011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
62011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
72011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
82011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
92011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
102011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
112011 Winnebago Aspect  Beaumont, CA
$192 / Night
02012 Heartland Cyclone  Beaumont, CA
$0 / Night
02016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
12016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
22016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
32016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
42016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
52016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
62016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
72016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
82016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
92016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
102016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA
112016 Vibe 27BHS-64  Beaumont, CA

Recent traveler reviews in Joshua Tree, CA

Ken was super accommodating and helpful. Very quick to respond to texts and phone calls. Enjoyed the trailer and his great customer service!
Ken was accommodating and helpful. He provided all needed equipment and was free to answer any questions. We would definitely rent from him again.
It was a great experience. He delivered the trailer, it was clean and nice. Very nice, easy to reach and he responded in a timely manner. I would certainly rent from him again.
I highly recommend Ken and his 2016 Pacific Coachworks Mighty Lite trailer. Ken was so responsive from my initial inquiry all the way through to my security deposit release. He...
We have jus completed a fantastic 3 day rental of a trailer through Joe. It was a pleasure to deal with him from beginning to end. He was prompt to reply to our questions before...
Joe Abercrombie
Freedom Express
Joe always does a great job.
Joe Abercrombie
2012 Damon Daybreak
We had a few dirty dishes in the cupboards, and crumbs in storage compartments. Linens, towels were fine, and well equipped with necessary pots, dishes, chairs. Delivery and...
Always a pleasure to deal with jimmy and Ed. I will continue to use Class A always, a great experience all the time.
Always a great experience with Class A!
This is my first time renting an RV, and thanks to Mike and Dawn it wont be my last. had a great experience renting from them, they where very accommodating in making sure we...
Our 3rd trip in this trailer an it was great! Owners are friendly and very accommodating it makes the use even more pleasurable
Toy hauler was perfect, great stay an plenty of room for my family of four. Our razor fit perfect inside. David was awesome and did s complete walk through before we left to show...

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

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Winter Creek Santa Anita Canyon Hoegee's Campground Loop Sierra Madre California
Etiwanda Falls Trail Rancho Cucamonga California
East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere) Azusa California
Potato Chip Rock via Mt. Woodson Trail Poway California
Sturtevant Falls Trail Sierra Madre California
Torrey Pines State Reserve Trail La Jolla California

Local RV Owners Suggest

Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center

6554 Park Blvd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, USA
WhatNational Park
Known for
Merely 45 minutes down the road feels more like you've been transported to another planet. A visit to J-Tree is cathartic. By Chris Nelson


Indio, CA, USA

South Fork Campground

S Fork Campground, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305, USA

Stagecoach Festival

81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 92201, USA
WhatMusic Festival
We've been attending Stagecoach yearly for 4 years. We love taking our coach out there and camping within the festival grounds for easy access to the concerts. Always a good time! By JENNIFER TORO

Thousand Trails Idyllwild

24400 Canyon Trail, Idyllwild, CA 92549, USA

Holloway's Marina & RV Park

398 Edgemoor Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, USA