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Information About Lake Forest, CA

Until 1991, this community was known as El Toro. The old name (“the bull”) captures the tenacious spirit of the people who live there, and the new name (Lake Forest) paints a nice picture of the surrounding physical environment. If it was called Mountainous Lake Forest, that would be even better. To see for yourself why people have been coming to Lake Forest since it was a whistle stop on the Southern Pacific line, search for an RV in Lake Forest today.

Experience the SItes and Scenery

Red Rock Canyon exhibits part of that diversity. The main hiking trail is four miles long. The first half winds through lots of trees and is well-shaded. The second half goes up and down a dry creek bed that’s a little wet and slippery during the rainy season. Make sure you have a good map as this park is for hikers only. Don’t fret if you get lost; just ask someone for help. The primary parking lot is next to a nearby Ralph’s. Put your Lake Forest RV rental near the back, and you should be good to go.

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is just to the south in Trabuco Canyon. About two dozen hiking trails crisscross this park’s 2,500 acres. Most of these acres are a gentle rolling canyon that’s covered with oak trees, chaparral, and sagebrush. Three seasonal streams host lots of different wildlife. The Park is very scenic and picturesque. Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind rock formations. Most of this park burned in a 2007 fire, so the environment is still very fragile.

The Caspers Wilderness Park is in nearby San Juan Capistrano. It’s a little hard to get to in your Lake Forest rental RV, so leave early. The trip is definitely worthwhile. There are large groves of Coastal Live Oaks as well as some rare California Sycamores. Since it’s a protected wildlife area, there are plenty of animals to see. There are lots of colorful wildflowers as well. Camping is permitted; groups of seventeen or more must camp at designated sites.

On the other side of Lake Forest, not far from Irvine, lies the Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve. Locals and visitors alike say that “the Sinks” is like a mini-Grand Canyon. Like many of the other nearby wildlife parks, the terrain in this park is quite diverse. That attracts a wide variety of large and small animals. We recommend a docent-led tour. Call ahead for a reservation.

City Attractions

Only in the Los Angeles area can you take your Lake Forest motorhome rental to a place with a name like Pretend City Children's Museum. All its hands-on exhibits are interconnected in the form of a city. Parts of this city include City Hall, a Construction Site, and Emergency Services with Dispatch Station. Kids work to earn Pretend City cash which they can spend at one of the city’s stores. The museum began in 2007 as a mobile field trip for schools. Today, the award-winning Museum is especially well-known for its programs aimed at autistic children and their caregivers. The nearby Heritage Hill Historical Park is a collection of four restored homes. Their exhibits offer insight into the history of the Saddleback Valley going back to the rancho days of the early and mid-1800s. There are special attractions for kids, such as the “People of the Land Before 1769” live program.

What’s Unique

Lake Forest is more than geographically unique. It’s also culturally unique. Almost everyone in Greater Los Angeles is an immigrant. Some have been here for a number of generations and some have only been in LA for a number of minutes. They all bring their experiences with them and contribute them to the spirit of the area. One of the cool things about a camper rental in Lake Forest is that you can take it to different parts of the area to experience these places and their people on a first-hand basis.

Where to Park It

Silverado’s Santiago Event Center sounds like a fast-paced location, but it’s actually a very quiet and serene place to park your Lake Forest rental RV. It’s nestled in the mountains, so it’s also very close to nature. The Canyon RV Park has over a hundred full hookup campsites. Each one has a 50 amp connection, along with an outside picnic area and fire ring. Swim at the pool, enjoy the playground, play a game of Lawn Chess, and take time out for Movie Night.

The Food

A place with a rich immigrant history mean lots of different foods. You can experience them all in your Lake Forest RV rental. From gourmet dishes to barbecue ribs, you can taste pretty much everything here.

An RV excursion to Lake Forest brings it all together, so pack your bags today.

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