Santa Cruz, CA RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$80 / Night
02018 Flagstaff E-Pro  Livermore, CA
12018 Flagstaff E-Pro  Livermore, CA
22018 Flagstaff E-Pro  Livermore, CA
32018 Flagstaff E-Pro  Livermore, CA
$129 / Night
02017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
12017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
22017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
32017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
42017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
52017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
62017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
72017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
82017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
92017 Winnebago WD 170K  Pleasanton, CA
$129 / Night
02011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
12011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
22011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
32011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
42011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
52011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
62011 Toyota Sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
$149 / Night
02016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
12016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
22016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
32016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
42016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
52016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
62016 toyota sequoia  Pleasanton, CA
$164 / Night
01991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
11991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
21991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
31991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
41991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
51991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
61991 Volkswagen Westfalia  Dublin, CA
$260 / Night
02015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
12015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
22015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
32015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
42015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
52015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
62015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
72015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
82015 Coachmen Leprechaun  Livermore, CA
$140 / Night
02016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
12016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
22016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
32016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
42016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
52016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
62016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
72016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
82016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
92016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
102016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
112016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
122016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
132016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
142016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
152016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
162016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
172016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
182016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
192016 Keystone Laredo  Livermore, CA
$214 / Night
0Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
1Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
2Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
3Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
4Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
5Retro Airstream  Oakland, CA
$123 / Night
02006 Keystone Outback  Soledad, CA
$140 / Night
02016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
12016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
22016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
32016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
42016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
52016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
62016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
72016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
82016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
92016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
102016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
112016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
122016 Coachmen Catalina SBX  Livermore, CA
$165 / Night
02011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
12011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
22011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
32011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
42011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
52011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
62011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
72011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
82011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
92011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
102011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
112011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
122011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
132011 Ford Other  Dalycity, CA
$170 / Night
0Titus  San Francisco, CA
1Titus  San Francisco, CA
2Titus  San Francisco, CA
3Titus  San Francisco, CA
4Titus  San Francisco, CA
5Titus  San Francisco, CA
6Titus  San Francisco, CA
7Titus  San Francisco, CA
8Titus  San Francisco, CA
9Titus  San Francisco, CA
10Titus  San Francisco, CA
11Titus  San Francisco, CA
12Titus  San Francisco, CA
13Titus  San Francisco, CA
14Titus  San Francisco, CA
15Titus  San Francisco, CA
16Titus  San Francisco, CA
17Titus  San Francisco, CA
18Titus  San Francisco, CA
19Titus  San Francisco, CA
20Titus  San Francisco, CA
21Titus  San Francisco, CA
22Titus  San Francisco, CA
23Titus  San Francisco, CA
24Titus  San Francisco, CA
25Titus  San Francisco, CA
26Titus  San Francisco, CA
27Titus  San Francisco, CA
$70 / Night
02010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
12010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
22010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
32010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
42010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
52010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
62010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
72010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
82010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
92010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
102010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA
112010 Skyline Weekender  Gustine, CA

Recent traveler reviews in Santa Cruz, CA

Soooo aMAZing!!!! I never want to travel another way again! It got great gas mileage. Not much bigger than a truck, it is super easy to drive. It's size and back up camera made...
Can't say enough how much of a pleasure it was booking with Todd and to be able to use their well equipped van for a couple days in Yosemite. The van was a pleasure to drive and...
Super nice and easy to work with!!!
Katherine Schneider
The Van Cruz
5 stars!
Katherine Schneider
The Van Cruz
The Van Cruz was perfect for our long weekend trip. It has all of the essentials, a comfy bed, and Katherine and Adam were a pleasure to deal with. We will be booking this van...
Katherine Schneider
The Van Cruz
The Van was amazing and it couldn't have been an easier process to pick up and drop off!!
Katherine Schneider
The Van Cruz
This is an immaculate, luxury RV with great owners. From the booking details, check-out process and questions from the road, they were extremely friendly and helpful. They even...
Kathryn Lukas
2017 Winnebago View 24J
Casita is pretty much brand new beautiful RV, very easy to drive, plenty of space for a family of 4. We rented Casita for 8 days traveled to Palm Springs, stopping along the way....
Kathryn Lukas
2017 Winnebago View 24J
Rachel and Don are wonderful people and so pleasant to work with. We had an amazing experience.
Rachel and Don communicated with us regularly to keep us informed. Don did an amazing job of orienting us on the use and features of their RV. Much more so than I have ever...
Rachel and Don were amazing. They were so helpful and friendly. Rachel answered all my questions patiently since it was my first time renting an RV, and Don took his time to show...
Don and Rachel are amazingly sweet and helpful! The RV is brand new, spacious and spotless - I couldn't have imagined a better experience. You will not regret it!

Information About Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz has a moderate and pleasant climate year round, making it an ideal spot to visit at any time. Head to downtown Santa Cruz and shop until you drop, or watch the street artists. Pacific Avenue envelopes the artistic culture that Santa Cruz is well known for. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a must-see. It's California's oldest amusement park and houses the Giant Dipper roller coaster, the fifth oldest roller coaster in the US. If you rent an RV in Santa Cruz, you can explore one of the magnificent state parks or the beautiful coastline. For lovers of surfing, Santa Cruz offers one of the best spots in the state to surf. Also on offer are other watersports, such as sailing, diving, and swimming. You can also visit the Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, California, just six miles away, and its recreation of an 1880's town.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Muir Woods Trail Mill Valley California
Castle Rock and Goat Rock Trail Los Gatos California
Berry Creek Falls Trail Boulder Creek California
Donner Creek Loop Trail Clayton California
Dipsea Steep Ravine Matt Davis Loop Trail Stinson Beach California
French Trail and Stream Trail Loop via Skyline Blvd Canyon California
Lands End Trail San Francisco California
Palomarin Trailhead to Alamere Falls Trail Bolinas California
Cataract Falls Trail Fairfax California
Mission Peak Loop from Stanford Avenue Staging Area Fremont California

Local RV Owners Suggest

New Brighton State Beach

New Brighton State Beach, Aptos, CA 95003, USA

Seacliff State Beach

Seacliff State Beach, California 95003, USA
WhatRV Park
Beach front camping. Famous cement boat. Difficult to reserve, so plan ahead By Amber Dawson

Aptos St. BBQ

8059 Aptos St, Aptos, CA 95003, USA
Smoked meats, great beers, and often live music. Can get crowded By Amber Dawson

Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday

1186 San Andreas Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076, USA

Sunset Campground

201 Sunset Beach Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076, USA

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

21600 Big Basin Way, Boulder Creek, CA 95006, USA
Fall asleep under the California redwoods and hike through the enchanted forest By Amber Dawson

Santa Cruz North / Costanoa KOA

2001 Rossi Rd, Pescadero, CA 94060, USA
For the glamping experience... store,activities, garden, restaurant, spa, lodge, across hwy 1 from expansive beach area By Amber Dawson

Family RV

19380 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

Trail Dust BBQ

17240 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

Monterey Veterans Memorial Park

1200 Veterans Dr, Monterey, CA 93940, USA

Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park

10840 Coyote Lake Rd, Gilroy, CA 95020, USA
Known for
Quiet, Family Friendly
When we are looking for a last minute trip somewhere close, we go to Coyote. It is a nice park still somewhat under the radar By Amber Dawson

V&V Bros RVs and Trailers

1020 Hansen Way, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

Dunes Beach

Dunes Beach, California, USA