Fort Collins, CO RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$175 / Night
02017 Forest River Evo  Loveland, CO
12017 Forest River Evo  Loveland, CO
22017 Forest River Evo  Loveland, CO
32017 Forest River Evo  Loveland, CO
$125 / Night
02012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
12012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
22012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
32012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
42012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
52012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
62012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
72012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
82012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
92012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
102012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
112012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
122012 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Loveland, CO
$175 / Night
02006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
12006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
22006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
32006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
42006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
52006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
62006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
72006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
82006 Fleetwood Jamboree  Loveland, CO
$65 / Night
01994 Starcraft Starlite  Loveland, CO
11994 Starcraft Starlite  Loveland, CO
21994 Starcraft Starlite  Loveland, CO
31994 Starcraft Starlite  Loveland, CO
$195 / Night
02012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
12012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
22012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
32012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
42012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
52012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
62012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
72012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
82012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
92012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
102012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
112012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
122012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
132012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
142012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
152012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
162012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
172012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
182012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
192012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
202012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
212012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
222012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
232012 Coachmen Freelander  Loveland, CO
$99 / Night
02014 Keystone Fireside  Windsor, CO
12014 Keystone Fireside  Windsor, CO
22014 Keystone Fireside  Windsor, CO
32014 Keystone Fireside  Windsor, CO
42014 Keystone Fireside  Windsor, CO
$170 / Night
02013 Forest River Tracer  Loveland, CO
12013 Forest River Tracer  Loveland, CO
22013 Forest River Tracer  Loveland, CO
32013 Forest River Tracer  Loveland, CO
42013 Forest River Tracer  Loveland, CO
$75 / Night
02016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
12016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
22016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
32016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
42016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
52016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
62016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
72016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
82016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
92016 Starcraft Launch  Loveland, CO
$350 / Night
02017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
12017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
22017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
32017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
42017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
52017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
62017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
72017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
82017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
92017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
102017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
112017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
122017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
132017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
142017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
152017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
162017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
172017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
182017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
192017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
202017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO
212017 Thor ACE 30.1  Johnstown, CO

Recent traveler reviews in Fort Collins, CO

David and Kelsey were fantastic hosts for our rental of Eileen, the 1985 Westfalia. Excellent communication, thorough knowledge and comprehensive explanation of all of Eileen's...
Great rental from very nice people. If you have always wanted to try a Westy....this is a great place to do it. Improved engine made Eileen Drive like a dream.....lots of...
Clean vehicle!!! I had this for the past two weeks and it was a pleasure to not be concerned whether it would have troubles or not. Will rent again and highly recommend to...
Adventure SUV Rental
This was an amazing rental. The RV is so clean, open and well kept. There wasn't a thing wrong with it when we picked it up. The owner of the RV, Kevin, was incredibly...
Kevin was great to work with. He was very responsive and helpful during our trip planning process. During the trip Kevin was only a call away day or night to help with the...
Our family rented Kevin's RV for just over three weeks in July, 2017. He was knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very accommodating. He gave us a great pre-departure...
Accommodating and communicative owner, trailer tows great and great quarters. What more could you ask for?
Doug is Fantastic! I really enjoy renting from him. this is my first time renting with him through Outdoorsy, 2nd time overall. He is so helpful walking you through all the...
Lindsey Gillette
Great folks to work with and a wonderful experience overall!
Lindsey Gillette
What a great experience! I would highly recommend renting from Rescued Rentals. I am so mad at Larimer County for what they are doing to your business. I have some ideas for you...
Lindsey Gillette
Great experience. Camper functioned perfectly. Highly recommend!
Lindsey Gillette

Information About Fort Collins, CO

The number of national parks, wilderness preserves, research outposts, and other wild areas in and around Fort Collins make it ideal for camping and exploring, whether you're in the area for a weekend or if you plan to stay a season. This region offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor activities, and the city government hosts several recreational programs and special events within the city that are often free of charge, even for non-residents. Wyoming, and the city of Cheyenne, are less than an hour away to the north, with the bustling transportation and economic hubs of Boulder and Denver to the south. Fort Collins is on the eastern edge of Roosevelt National Forest, and very close to other historic, natural locations in Colorado. You can easily rent an RV in Fort Collins to explore this magnificent wilderness or take a tour of local sights and attractions. Visit in the winter and enjoy some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the continent, as Fort Collins is less than two hours away from both Echo Mountain and Eldora Mountain Resort.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Mohawk Lakes Trail Breckenridge Colorado
Mount Sanitas Trail Boulder Colorado
Mount Bierstadt Trail Idaho Springs Colorado
Mount Falcon Castle Trail Morrison Colorado
Devil's Head Lookout Trail to Fire Tower Sedalia Colorado
Royal Arch Trail Boulder Colorado
Gem Lake Trail Estes Park Colorado
Emerald Lake Trail Estes Park Colorado
Maxwell Falls Lower Trail Evergreen Colorado
Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop Golden Colorado

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Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado, USA

Dutch George Campground

19961-, 20359 Poudre Canyon Rd, Livermore, CO 80536, USA

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CO-14, Bellvue, CO 80512, USA

Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park

Colorado 80517, USA

Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado, USA
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Known for
It's so beautiful & there are so many Elk & some Moose. It brings us to Estes Park or Grand Lake which are 2 great places to go through or stay at when we go to visit the park. By Sammy(Cindy) Plym